“View From The Pit”

This is a title from Reverend Ken Whitten…….(google him)  Depression, insecurities, put downs, rejections, loneliness, lack of accomplishments and self worth…Mental Illness??? I first saw a counselor in 1975. (?) I’d always had depression, and the Enemy, after me since my earliest of memories. Mental illness ran prevalent on my dad’s side of the family: […]

3: 16

Numbers of hope……(John 3: 16 For God so loved the world, He gave His only Son: that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but will have everlasting life.) Where there’s life, there’s hope……

Kids and Family 5

I bet you are getting weary of kids and family for now…..I’ll round this up with my hubby’s youngest son is like unto Abraham. No joking about being the father of many nations…… See Genesis 11: 29.  And his wife, yes, like yummy manna from Above, she likes to make and decorate cakes. What would […]

Kids and Family 3

I’ll try this again. ….So, the extendeds….Hubby’s daughter’s verse is Luke 2: 5. Not only is she a good mo but she is like unto a “mother hen”. This is a really good thing. Her kids are: oldest son: verses 1 John 4: 7and 8.  He’s maturing into the kind of young man who commands […]

Kids and Family 2

There is alot of content, so this section will be divided into a number of parts…fore-warned…. One of our grand-daughters, who had been in California a few years, came to spend some time, sleep over, go to church with us and go to choir practice with her grandma…..excitement! I was elated. She’s 12 and has […]

Kids and Family

Life is interesting. Sometimes when it rains, it pours. Yes? When it doesn’t: draught! First we found ourselves in our current trial and were trusting God, 6 months ago, for an Ohio trip to see our first grandchild graduate High School. Since then, the grandson has gotten a career started in rap music. But, God […]


Oh how great is Thy faithfulness! Thank You for Your amazing grace, even if I was the only person ever on the planet You created, You came to earth as a human and died for me: what extreme love!! Thank You….this whole blog, as is everything I own, is Yours. Be glorified in it. I’ll […]


Here’s our relationship in a nutshell. When my hubby was young, he was diagnosed with ADHD. When I was young, I was said to have still been in the play pen observing, till I was 5 and they sent me to Kindergarten. I did well there, amazingly. We have been experiencing stress because of vehicles, […]

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