Kids and Family 3

I’ll try this again. ….So, the extendeds….Hubby’s daughter’s verse is Luke 2: 5. Not only is she a good mo but she is like unto a “mother hen”. This is a really good thing. Her kids are: oldest son: verses 1 John 4: 7and 8.  He’s maturing into the kind of young man who commands respect when he first enters a room, but ohhh, the heart of love that young fella has…. Her next son: Jeremiah 1: 5. Yes, not only was Jeremiah the weaping prophet but God, Himself, lets him know God approved of him before he was born.  The next son she has, I deem as Job. I do this because Job’s life was so much better later, after time. (Job 42: 10) She has a young daughter, too. Her verse is Ruth 1: 16. “Where you lodge, I will lodge….”.

My hubby’s youngest son has 5 living kids. One baby went to Heaven too soon. His son is unto Moses in Exodus 6:11. The rest of his kids are girls. The first I claim Acts 9: 36 for. (good deeds) The second daughter: as Deborah. (Judges 4: 4) She was a wise judge. The next daughter: as Martha. John 11: 5 says she was loved  and held in great esteem by Jesus.

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