Every Good and Perfect

gift comes down from the Father of lights. I had experienced long intervals of merely sleeping my days away. Along with my insecurities, I had lived through marriage to an alcoholic, diagnosis of hepatitis B and diabetes, and my child being a vagrant who dropped out of High School, stole from a department store and had a 2nd trimester abortion.

My hubby came into my life with magic, surprises, encouragement and unconditional love.

I thank God for him.

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  4. Hi You nee to stop going to babysit or carry on this stupid affair. he is obviously using you. I know feel like your falling in love with him, but is he really worth your love?He lied about his wife and text you basically saying ‘I want sex’ not ‘I am sorry I lied and hurt your feelings’listen to your friends and forget himxx

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  7. Claudia, te escribo de Venezuela, siempre te veo en tu seccion de Conectados, pero tu ayer vi esa Claudia madre y de verdad te felicito por todo lo bello que la vida te esta dando sobre todo porque se que asi ayudas a otras madres que estan pasando por situaciones similares, esos niños son ANGELES CAIDOS DEL CIELO,no me cabe la menor duda, son muy cariñosos e inteligentesUn abrazo a la distancia para toda tu familiay para la Fatima y la Lourdes todo el cariño de un tio cubano que vive en Venezuela.

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  17. Labour didn’t scrap tuition fees – they just shoved them at the end and called them a “graduate endowment fee”, and even that only happened because the Lib Dems had to convince people that they’d gotten something out of the coalition.When the SNP decided to scrap the graduate endowment fee, Labour voted against it. But then they were always going to do so – it was them who introduced them in the first place, after all.

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  165. Oh TRU… I used to work for them myself. Don’t be too hard on the cashiers… They like to hire high school students to do back breaking work (everyone has to unload the truck at the end of the night).At the same time, yeah, their corporate policy sucks in general. When I worked in the babies department, we were instructed to throw out the plastic hangers that baby clothes came with even when the customer was purchasing the clothing item. That way, they’d *have* to buy hangers. :pCF recently posted..