Yes, I have a lapband…..Now, it’s not quite as you might think. I know I can get away with eating all the ice cream or creamy, buttery foods I can choke down. This doesn’t aid in weight loss….unfortunately. But, if it’s before 6pm. and I have any stress in my day, I can get “hung up”. I can get super mucussy, snotty nose, hard to breathe, spitting up mucus repeatedly. My whole body has to relax and let food go down the stoma muscle. This can take 30 minutes….It’s not fun.

I wait………My mind makes promises to itself. I promise to never eat solid food ever again. I promise to only eat candy and ice cream till I die. (because they don’t give me immediate troubles)


Questions? Comments???

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Grandma of 14, believer in The One True God, Jesus is my Lord and Savior. I can be found on Twitter as Lori Church, tho I don't check in with Twitter much. I write scriptures, events in my life/world as they pertain to God's purpose, and vent feelings (and thoughts) Ring in with your uplifting comments, please

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