Pat Schatzline: 2016 The Lord Will Shout

Pat is part of I Am Remnant Ministry. He is also gifted in prophecy. We are awaiting a Prophecy Conference at our church this coming weekend. We will have Perry Stone, Bill Koenig, Joel Richardson, and Paul McGuire.
Some partial aspects of the 16 points Pat talked about were:
1. 2016 is a year of reclamation
2. There will be a holy remnant that know God’s voice.
3. There will be civil unrest in the Mom movement (have you heard of One Million Moms? Other official groups?)
4. God will visit churches that declare holiness
5. The church will come alive
6. Righteous church leaders will be renewed
7. Warning to leaders who no longer preach a message of conviction
8. God is visiting homes! (marriages, finances, unsaved loved ones: saved)
9. The gatherings of the unknowns will take place across America
10. There will be an international awakening
11. Terrorists will be turned back
12. Universities will acknowledge the almighty God
13. Homosexuals will have encounters with God and His love
14. U.S.A. presidential elections….pray, believers!
15. Finances will be healed–praise God! (Genesis 22, 23, 24…) The camels are coming!
16. The Lord declares His shout won’t be heard by all. (He will shout in 2016) Historically, the Lord shouted in bad times on the earth. (times of famine, excessive sin,…..)

We wait to see what God does and how….

Don’t be a Victim, be a Victor (and be Brave)

Easter song, “He Lives” chorus has the lyrics “Up from the grave He arose! With a mighty triumph o’er His foes! He arose a Victor from the dark domain and He lives forever with His saints to reign….He Arose: He Arose….Hallelujah Christ arose!”
As God sees the whole picture of our lives at one time, He sees that we are already victors. He doesn’t see us still waiting for victory over our circumstances.

I heard Karen Schatzline speak about being Brave. She referred to how Christians are letting culture rule us, instead of the other way around. She reminded us to put on the full armor of God, daily. (Ephesians 6: 11) We need the helmet to protect us from what our minds take in and righteousness to protect and guide our bodies. We need peace wherever we go. We need our great big shield for faith and truth. We need the Word of God as our sword. This is more of an offensive move.
Karen and her hubby: Pat, are involved in I Am Remnant Ministries. They have written books and have other resources available in their ministry.
One line in one of her books: “Your persistence will determine your promise.”
Persist: that takes time…..My promise won’t come or be determined automatically. I can’t ask for my promise like I can ask for a burger from fast food.
Karen referred to the Shunamite woman in 2 Kings 4: 15- 37. The Shunamite waited for a child. She finally had one. He died. She had faith to tell the prophet who told her she would have a child, everything was “well”. She said everything was alright, or going to be alright. My hubby has always had that saying. He is the only person I’ve ever known to really believe that and teach it to others.


I was at a beautiful funeral recently. The man had been a Christian. He was involved in the men’s group at church. Previously, he had apparently been in the Navy. We brought foods, the pastor gave a salvation message, the G-Men from our church did a sword service. The men’s group has meetings where they study God’s word intensely and after a full year or two, get presented with a big, shiny, sharp sword. The Bible is sharper than any two edged sword. This is why they receive swords.

This part of the service was precious. The part where sailors in crisp white uniforms presented and blew bugles was priceless.
“Precious, in God’s sight, is the death of His saints.”
“Today, shalt thou be with Me in paradise.” (Luke 23: 43)
“To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord”.
No more waiting for him….no waiting to see Jesus….

David Phelps has a song with the chorus: “No more night, no more pain, no more tears, never crying again. Praises to the great I AM, we will live in the Light of the risen Lamb”

“We have here only five loaves and two fishes..”

All four gospels have an account of the story of five loaves of bread and two fishes. Matthew 14:17 says, “And they say unto Him, we have here but five loaves and two fishes.” The disciples, who saw Jesus heal, raise the dead, preach and teach, share love and more told Him they were limited in feeding the people. Jesus knew the crowd was legitimately hungry.

God knew our circumstances. Our finances were barely holding on. We were strapped and got a surprise of 1,000 dollars from H and R Block. We were able to pay the $700. mortgage payment, a credit card bill, and the energy bill. These bills added up to 1,100 dollars. We did some juggling to do this, but it was God who enabled us to make all the full month’s bill payments with less than we actually had. It was like He multiplied “loaves and fishes”, I mean multiplied the monies.

We give Him praise!


Years ago, my hubby filed for bankruptcy. We had department store debts. We were between moving, selling a home, and my hubby’s employment. We gathered our loose change and paid our Ohio bankruptcy lawyer. Not long after, I started getting bills for the one store debt in both our names. After collection agencies tried to get me to pay, I got a court date. The bankruptcy lawyer said the store, nor the collection agencies could pursue me.
By the time I was in front of a judge, the judge reiterated the debt had been my hubby’s. The judge asked of my employment, then said agencies may continue to contact/harass/haunt me, but they can do nothing. I was reminded this would be tiresome, but not to concern myself at all.
Recently, I got another call from a collection agency and I asked if they had my court ruling date in front of them. They said yes. I was told the court date was four years ago: making the bankruptcy at least five years ago. It’s been a blur. I think that bankruptcy was seven to eight years ago.

The analytical me wants to conclude that God is having us wait for the closing of house number one so we can get hardship papers signed and mailed back. This old, haunting affair will be buried and we can move forward without any agencies possibly putting liens on anything I might ever sell.

If this is the case, I say, “Good job, God!!”

Dr. Caroline Leaf

A Christian neuro-psychologist, has a program to “switch on your brain”.
All this waiting is taking a toll. My hubby actually has developed more boils than he has ever had at one time before. Since he internalizes and doesn’t talk things out, to death, like I do, his body responds other ways. It’s good we aren’t both talking things to death, though.

Dr. Leaf reminds us we have the power to choose death or life. God tells us to choose life in Deuteronomy 30: 19. “I call heaven and earth this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live.”
Dr. Leaf expands this into all areas of psychology including areas of addiction.
We all have preconceived ideas then we hear the word “addiction”, but Dr. Leaf includes any and everything that starts with, “I’ve just always…” Well, I guess I can say I’ve just always over-eaten. I’ve just always turned to what some call reward foods. I’ve just always indulged in chocolate.

We know what all this waiting has done to my waistline. We know what doctors say about having an apple shape and your heart health. That’s something else, though.
Dr. Leaf says to start slow with 3- 7 minutes, daily, for completely focusing on God. Do this for 63 days. Grow this activity to including scriptures, discovering my need for God, and growing my relationship with Him. Ultimately, my God shaped void in my life will be filled and my addictions/imperfections will lessen. My immaturities will lessen and my sanity won’t even be an issue: while waiting, or any time.

Ch ch ch changes

Those of us born in the 1960’s, go ahead and sing that line.
We literally banked on the closing of house number one. Now, we may be chucking the idea of those buyers and just putting that house up for sale from scratch again.
With even more waiting, God, how can I keep my commitment to bringing a platter for a funeral at church this weekend?

As my paternal grandmother would always say: “The Lord will provide.” She had 10 kids and always wore her freshly starched, cotton house dress. Grandpa was the only one who worked for income and they both developed extreme diabetes…but, God always provided.

H and R Block

I got 1,000 dollars for filing taxes with H and R Block. Can you say unexpected blessing from secret, unexpected, hidden places?  Is God answering prayers in different ways??

Digital Camera
Feb. 2016

W. T. F.

Some use terms like this. I don’t. I could be saying Waltz. Tango. Foxtrot. In the late 90’s I took ballroom dance lessons. I dated and married my instructor who loved alcohol more than me. (more than anything) That was a long, painful story.

Meanwhile, during our wait, we were assured we would close on house number one tomorrow. Now we have been told there is yet another extension. What??
We really need to get out of debt with the sale of house number one.
They told us this today and I felt like I’d been kicked in the stomach a bit. They are saying they have no idea what happened or how long it will be till the lady completely purchases our house number one.

I got yet another phone call today from the mortgage company asking if they would get their payment this month. We have repeatedly told them that we are “closing” on that house this month.

God, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven…..

Joyce Schneider

A few years back, I heard an energetic speaker/author at a ladies’ meeting. Her name is Joyce Schneider. I got an email from her today saying she has published a new book called “If God is So Good, Why is my Life such a Mess?”
Now, I looked heavenward and asked God why He would have her write a book similar to the one I am currently writing. My first emotion was discouragement. “But God, I felt You tell me to write of my testimony and add inspirational scripture.” Surely it wasn’t merely my flesh that just set out to the fun of writing a book. If that was the case, some of the fun has worn off after the first 30 pages I’ve written.
I had confirmations and scriptures of confirmations about my idea that my book needs to be out as soon as possible. The time draws near when Jesus is coming back.

I heard a song on the radio that encouraged me. My life was reigned in by the lyrics of Kristian Stanfill’s “My Heart Is Yours.” Yes, God. I about pulled the car over with tears in my eyes. My life is God’s. My heart is God’s. I do want Him to take it all. Everything is in His hands.
I thank God He teaches me more about faith and He’s continually maturing me. (Romans 1: 17)


I really like things “settled” in my mind before I move on to another task. I had so many distractions in mind, I couldn’t focus on praise and worship at church yesterday. We were to have to leave church and dash home to prep the house for another showing. A showing?? Yay! This would make two in one week. My hopes were up.
I’d had so many things on my mind, and I was weary. I couldn’t sing. I wondered about the lyrics before my eyes. If what my hubby says is true about his never worrying nor letting things get to him, what was he praising God for being “free” from?
Unfortunately, I let this eat at me. I wasn’t sure if my preoccupation was my doing or that of the Enemy, so I asked God to help me focus on Him. I still had troubles. Thoughts with words like “stumbling block” kept coming to mind. Matthew 5: 23 came to mind. I went to the ladies’ room and talked to God. I still wasn’t focused. I went to another area of the church to continue with praise and worship. I was able to focus on loving on God.
I moved back to where my hubby and daughter were seated. The message came from 1 Corinthians 9 being a portrait of generosity.
With the service finished, we gave my daughter some plexi-glass for her home window and left for home. There are concerns and details about my daughter’s home.
We prepped the house in an hour and a half. The people came. They looked promising, but didn’t even come into the house. They said they thought the noise from traffic would be too much. The road is a half acre from the house and once inside, you don’t hear the road, but…
I had been up till midnight the night prior, so after the people left and I fed the cats their daily wet food, I went to my room to lounge.
I had fallen asleep and awoke 3 hours later. The word exhaustion came to mind. We had a time when we had been at one of many hospital times where the nurses had said they “let us rest because they knew we were exhausted” years prior. When did life become nothing but work and exhaustion? What happened to being supposed to have balance in life to have an amiable life? There are psychological wellness wheels that include Social/Relational areas of life, Spiritual, Financial, Recreational, Emotional/Behavioral, Intellectual, and Physical Fitness. We don’t have that.
I know there are a handful of people who are praying we won’t sell our big house and move to Ohio. For real. Unbelievable. We were giving our faith wings and planned on telling how big our God is with great testimonies after He answered prayers to sell two houses.
It’s pretty hard on me. Is this worth it? Perhaps we should just take the big house off the market.
We wait.

Acts 1 and 2

As Easter approaches, we still wait on God.
We think of the celebration of Easter and our salvation. We who are saved experienced the feast of the Passover. We have the blood of the Lamb of God for salvation.
While I contemplate 3 feasts, I know the feast of Passover and the feast of Tabernacles is easier for me to understand. The feast of Pentecost is a bit of a mystery in some areas.
The feast of Tabernacles is for us who believe in Christ. There will be a horn blown and we will see Jesus. His second coming will involve judgement for those who don’t know Him. We await the feast of Tabernacles with our Savior, in person. We will have a joyous communion supper.

The feast of Pentecost is for us. Are you awaiting the Holy Spirit’s gift of tongues? My Godly hubby absolutely can’t wrap his head around this. I don’t belabor trying to persuade him. It’s not my job. It’s the Holy Spirit’s job. The Holy Spirit has spoken to Rob before. Rob knows He exists. He praises Him. My sister in law has tried to convince Rob before, to no avail.

Acts 1: 4 says, “And being assembled together with them, commanded them that they should not depart from Jerusalem, but wait for the promise of the Father, which saith He, ye have heard of Me.” This is Jesus directly speaking. Verse 5 says, “For John truly baptized with water; but ye shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost not many days hence.” Verse 8 says, “You shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you; and ye shall be witnesses unto Me both in Jerusalem and in all Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.”
They waited. I’m not the only one who has had to wait.
Chapter 2 of Acts has people gathered in one accord. There was a mighty rushing wind inside the room. There were cloven tongues that sat on each of them. They were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance. There were people were gathered from every nation under heaven outside. They wondered how they were able to hear Galileans speak their languages. They even thought the Galileans may be full of too much new wine. Peter assures the people that the Galileans they hear aren’t drunk but are experiencing as was written years prior by the prophet Joel.
Verse 28 has Peter telling the people Jesus has made known the ways of life and has made him full of joy.
Verse 41 has 3000 souls saved after hearing Peter’s words.
God help me heed Jesus’ words…….

5 Smooth Stones

My hubby went to do lawns today. I prayed for his safety and that no equipment would break down.
We are so close to multi-faceted answers to part one of the big prayer, I could see the Enemy wanting to get his hand in.
“Nothing doing! In Jesus’ name!”

I heard Pastor John Gray recently speaking on how David came at Goliath with 5 smooth stones in a bag. He was too small to wear armor. He had more faith in God than the big mighty warriors of the land. He ran at Goliath with a sling and a stone. See 1 Samuel 17: 50.
Pastor Gray also said we have been given built in armor, from God. Our 5 fingers can be used as the stones David used.
I will clap my 5 fingered battle fighters and praise God. I will high 5 my Maker for how great He is.

One of my favorite singing groups, Triumphant Quartet sings a song with the chorus in it: “We shall overcome, we shall triumph. We shall stand in the victory as one. Calvary’s hills been conquered by our Lord and King. So, the victory is already won.”


We think we see the closing of house number one coming soon. God willing.
In this season of waiting, I’ve had moments where I’ve tried to be more productive. I’ve arranged my closet at least twice in 6 months. I took some things to the thrift store and donated clothes, purses, and shoes.
I took a good look at my closet and started to wonder when I picked up my hubby’s love for tee shirts. I almost have as many as he does. Granted, I sleep in mine sometimes, but my hubby has several drawers full just collecting dust.
Tee shirts!
I remind myself I am thoroughly female. I am feminine even though I don’t wear as much Alfred Dunner or Vanity Fair as I used to.
Who knows? Perhaps after all this waiting, financial healing and moving out of state, I’ll get my nails done and my hair shaped up. I may even start drinking Herbalife shakes again.
I can see a phoenix rising out of these ashes.

“Mr. Bill”

When we moved here, our small house on our property was in need of dry wall, pipes and more. It is an in-law’s efficiency house. Some people have an actual mother in law house on their property.
We were moving in and adjusting when my hubby thought of his friend Bill. We used to go to church with Bill in Spring Hill, Fla. My hubby, Rob, needed some help with auto mechanical stuff. He called Bill. Bill said he would be happy to come help. He proceeded to tell Rob about his life struggles at the time. He was going to be in need of a place to live. Rob told him, if he helped him get the in law efficiency livable, he could live there. Bill helped. He has been living there as long as we have been living in our big house. He has helped with the cats and my dad when we were gone. He’s been a blessing. He joined with Rob in Rob’s Lawn Service at times till his health had worse days. He is older than we are. Isn’t there something about older folks are to be examples for those younger? I’m thinking of Paul to Titus and more.
Since we have lived here, we have adopted and rescued animals, had big parties, changed churches- via the Holy Spirit’s leading- 3 times, had two daughters live with us at different times, gone to college, taken care of Dad, built and improved the house and surroundings,buried a beloved pet and my father, and more. Mr. Bill had the first year to mourn his marriage so he didn’t date as far as we know. He still attended church at least for a year or two. He increased his bar hopping and women shopping. He’s not an usher at church any more. He watches church on tv and says he reads the Bible, but his fruits are finding him in bars. Women see him as a hero type and want to live with him. They use him.
In his wait for true love, I suppose that’s what he’s waiting for, he’s about given up church attendance, had many financial problems, had health problems, had IRS troubles and is experiencing depression. When Rob asks if he can help, Mr. Bill says, “No, I’m ok.” Rob gets him cigarettes.
Remember a show from the past where the animated figure said, “Oh no! Mr. Bill!!” The figure was like “Gumby”. Younger folks may have to google Gumby.
Mr. Bill hasn’t paid the 400.00 rent this month. He can’t. He’s not looking forward to our moving to Ohio. He probably prays against it. He should be praying for God to lead him to his next abode or that the new owner of this house will let him live there and pay rent.
God saved Rob and me from going to bars long ago. Mr. Bill has bar flies live with him now and then. I get where he is coming from. What would Jesus do? These women need help. I tried to “help” someone in my past: to no avail. My cousins have a history of this. My one cousin is still stuck in this game. He has health problems and lives hand to mouth in Hawaii.
For those of us who can tend to be weak and gentle-hearted, we want to save the world. I learned to stop that and hang with someone who will sharpen my iron. Dull iron will dull your iron. See Proverbs 27: 17

Day after day after Valentine’s Day

My hubby did some stuff. He always keeps busy. He got ready for work where he had to be by 3pm. My heart sank. Awww, back to same old same old. Time will drag. He will be gone 8 hrs. that will seem like 100 and I will be asleep by the time he gets home……shucks.
I waited for him to come home.

The day after Valentine’s Day

My hubby had 3 days off by now and he went to do work that would bring in income. It was Presidents’ Day.
I got up at my leisure, to find no electricity and no water. Did you know that water is connected to electricity? I’m a city girl by nature, not the big city: mind you. I didn’t learn that it took electricity to pump the well water, out in the country, till this year.
I had made a cake to take to a memorial service at church the night prior. I was going to be creative and make brown butter frosting in the morning before going to the church. No water. No electricity.
I couldn’t melt butter or plug in the electric mixer. Perhaps I could check some minor things on my computer because it was the newer one and it could stand alone without being plugged in, normally.
My hubby texted me to say the electricity would be on in two hours. Ummm, rearrange all my plans. I was to be at church. I couldn’t shower. I did a make shift cleaning job with wet wipes and went to the store on the way to the church. I had been perturbed by now and thought my small cake wasn’t good enough. I bought 2 ready made cakes. This is something I really almost never do. This was how I reasoned with myself about the cost.
Now, I’m at church cutting cakes and helping in the kitchen. There is plenty of time till the mourners come in to eat. I got a text that we would have a house showing. Hubby and I dropped everything and came home to prep the house. We are rushing and sweating.
My daughter texts and invites me to a movie with her. I can almost count on one hand how many times this has happened. My hubby said I should go if I wanted. He would take care of everything. He wouldn’t care to details I would, but it would be ok.
I got home from movie to find the showing was cancelled. I had been tasting brown butter frosting in my imagination all day. I made it. Hubby did dinner and I warned him I’d be watching an awards show on tv. As usual, after eating, he went fast asleep and I watched the show. Good life.

Valentine’s Day

Though it wasn’t super romantic,it was precious. My hubby got me a mushy card and a giant kiss. (Hershey kiss)I gave him a card. We went to church to hear of our first Love. We worshiped together. We sat by my daughter. We went to Country Kitchen restaurant. It was relaxing.
The day prior, we cleaned windows together. Thank God we are both practical.