My hubby, the C-2

In the midst of it all, my hubby is getting disheartened with his job. He is the night manager of custodians at a local High School. He is a jack of all trades, in reality. He has had additional classes to improve his work resume. He has gone to college. He is “smart as a whip”. Give him an idea and he can build it, possibly put a motor in it and it will last longer than a human’s life time. He is honest and hard working. 1 Timothy 5: 18 says, “For the scripture saith, Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn; And, the labourer is worthy of his reward.”

When this school hired my husband, the school had a low rating. Schools with higher ratings get more state fundings. Now, they are close to being an A school. My husband came in and organized the workers into a more efficient, well oiled machine. He built moral, too. He is honored and admired by his co-workers. He was told things like “Here is how we do things.” “Here are the procedures for ordering supplies and other orderly procedures.” “Your responsibilities are this and such.” “The day crew’s responsibilities are this and such.” “Our school’s finances are super tight.”
This is not the first school he has worked for in this capacity.
The equation of our life stress is growing.
At my hubby’s school, he’s not been able to go through proper channels as he was told to do. He has bought supplies out of his own pocket. He retains his Christ-like testimony with his co-workers as he advises them what needs to be done: when and how. He works harder when they have absentee-ism. They are supposed to have a call in list for sub-custodians.
They fail in upper management responsibilities more than they should. They expect cleanliness when there are ball games and when a child vomits on the floor.
It takes a lot to get my hubby “down”. He is feeling the “Who gives a __?” That is usually not my hubby at all. He does all as unto the Lord. (See Colossians 3: 23)

A Brilliant Mind

In 2001 there was a movie based on the life of John F. Nash Jr. A brief review of the movie says he was a brilliant, but asocial mathematician who accepted work in cryptography, then had his life take a turn for the nightmarish worse. He died in 2015, I read. He was unique.
I trust God with the fact I’m a unique saint. No one on the planet has my finger prints. I am in-dwelled by God’s Holy Spirit and He knows my name. He loves me and He knows what will happen after this selling of the houses.
My hubby and I feel like race cars at the gate. We are ready and willing. We are fired up to go forth!

We wait.

To Know Me Is To Love Me

I’m not really referring to the line in the song: “Oh Lord, It’s hard to be Humble”.
As I reveal more of my personal testimony, I wonder who I am repulsing. As I share my trials and how I’ve dealt with them, I still give glory to God. I trust God. I’m a sinner saved by grace, though. See Ephesians 2: 8. “For by grace are you saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God.”
Ideally, we are to love one another as God loved us. 1 John 4: 7 and 8. “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God and everyone that loveth is born of God and knoweth God. He that loveth not, knoweth not God, for God is love.”
I stand on the principle: here I am, vulnerable before you. I trust my immediate family and friends will love me unconditionally.

Physical Appearance

Psalm 139: 14 says, “I praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.”
I bumped into someone I had not seen in over ten years. She said I looked good. I told her the same. It was true. In retrospect, I can imagine people who see me now as opposed to the insecure, short-permed haired person I was. I believe I appear more relaxed and sure of myself. I trust God, I have acquired Godly wisdom, thus my face shines. (as it says in Ecclesiastes 8:1) The boldness of my face is changed. Ecclesiastes 8: 1 is Spiritual make-up, in my opinion.
I trust God with my physical insecurities and want to “judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgement” as is said in John 7: 24.
As I view myself through God’s eyes, I know I can’t be the writer, wife, musician, accountant for my hubby, God wants me to be if I’m caught up on my physical appearance.

Power Source

Jesus is my power source. Through Him, I’ve been more energized. I’ve been doing more. This is good. He is for everyone. He is no respecter of persons, He wants all to come to Him wholeheartedly. While I gazed at my hair dryer, I thought of how it would be worthless if it wasn’t plugged in to the electrical outlet.
Dr. Rod Parsley, in his book: “Unrestricted”, says, “Vehicle batteries are more reliable than ever, but sometimes they fail to perform their purpose, which is to start the engine. And as anyone who has ever experienced it will attest, a dead battery is one of the most frustrating breakdowns a driver can experience, since it always seems to happen at the most inconvenient time. But a battery can be recharged, which involves connecting it to an external power source which enables it to recover its power. If you’ve been discharged or depleted, you can be recharged by reconnecting with your spiritual power source through reading the Word of God and spending time in prayer and worship.”

Also in the book, “Unrestricted”, Dr. Dee Barker says, “We have entered a season where the Holy Spirit is recharging, reviving, restoring and refreshing His people. The revival you have been crying out for will begin in you. The Lord Himself is soon to open up the floodgates, and there will be a deluge of His glory in an unprecedented way, but it will begin with you and flow like a river through you. You will be a conduit to those that need to be challenged to go beyond man-imposed restrictions to a place of NO restrictions.”


I guess I have deciphered how my hubby has trouble understanding me at times. He says he has a million tons on his mind at once, always. By the time I am telling him, “I cleaned out the cat box”. “I noticed a crack in the cup, we should toss that one”. “I put some high light stripes in my hair.” “The president was on tv again.” He says he is still stuck on the fact that I cleaned out the cat box. He’s thinking I need to rinse out all the boxes thoroughly. We may need new boxes.
By the time my hubby brings his ears/mind back to where my mouth is speaking, he hears sentence number 4. Sometimes he actually asks me, “How did you go from cat boxes to the president?” This is maddening. I usually get frustrated and depressed. I think it’s all my fault.
I have now come to realize how we process super differently. Whereas I want to give quick news headlines and get them out of my brain so I can have more thoughts, he isn’t that way.
Wow, I have to do better. I love my hubby. I’m reminded of purging my lips/words. Isaiah 6: 7 says, “And he (an angel) laid it upon my mouth (hot coal)and said, Lo this hath touched thy lips; and thine iniquity is taken away,and thy sin is purged.”

Love it or List it

As we have been trying to sell 2 houses and dreaming of living in a new home in another state, it seems all I see on tv is shows like Love It Or List It. I see shows like House Hunters. I see so many remodeling shows. Ah, it would be nice to start a new adventure with arranging furniture. Making decisions where to place things, what colors, a new neighborhood are all exciting concepts to me.
Is it like having a new toy?
I am not obsessed. I am not obsessed.
Lori, think on 1 John 2: 16 “For all that is in the world,the lust of the flesh,and the lust of the eyes,and the pride of life,is not of the Father,but is of the world.”

Sew on that button….

This is our mini-anny. We used to be able to have mini celebrations. We used to celebrate our marriage every month. There was even a half a thought my hubby might have taken today off and we might have headed for the state fair. This is a rather cold day in Florida. It’s a bit cold in our relationship, too.
We have too much on our plates. We both do. Our minds are so full, we just about can’t see straight. The financial tension isn’t helping. We both get up in the mornings and head in our separate directions. We throw the obligatory kiss, lightly. My hubby did ask me to sew a button on his shirt, and I did it. Oh, the love…gee, we used to go off to a motel just to get away for a night. We would have different surroundings and could focus on each other, only. I miss those days. There’s a parallel similarity to church attendance. Can you see it? Sure we can watch church on tv, but if we make the effort and get ready, go and pay attention while there, we get more. God appreciates it more too. I can see Him making allowances for those who absolutely can’t get out and assemble with other believers on a regular basis.
God’s word says, in Hebrews 10: 25 to not forsake the assembling of yourselves together, as the manner of some is, but exhorting one another,and so much the more,as ye see the day approaching.
I try to obey God and His Word. I desire to…
I also realize “From Whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love.” (Ephesians 4: 16) All our ministries are better if we are joined congregationally.

Dear God, Let me keep my mind

staid on thee. Isaiah 26: 3 promises Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is staid on Thee.
Don’t let me be tempted to look to the left or the right. Let me stay focused on You, God. I have peace when I commune with You.
I admit I am starting to think of “plan B’s” My hubby is thinking that way, too, but differently than I. He is beginning to look at improving the home we are in, in case we are here a lot longer. Perhaps we may be here indefinitely.
God, keep my mind pure. I am not thinking of extra-marital thoughts, but I am contemplating dual state-ship. We could be snow birds. We could be in Ohio 6 months of the year. This is what some do. This would be an amazing feat for my hubby who needs a full time job to have benefits. Since this isn’t the best idea for this time, I suppose I could move to Ohio and my hubby could stay here till this house sells. What if it never does? What kind of relationship is that? We are married and live 1000 miles away from each other and can’t afford to see each other in person very often.
Ag! God give me a pure mind. Let my thoughts be Your thoughts. Clean my thoughts as purified water…pure, pure, purified water.

Color affects mood…

Years ago, my mom and dad were building their new home. They had moved from Ohio to Florida. This was the era when women were having their “colors” done. Someone like a Mary Kay agent would hold up different colors of material swatches by your face to see which ones made you look washed out, which colors made you look like you had dark circles under your eyes, and which ones made you look fresh and awake.
This was also the era when Mom heard the color mauve made you look wealthy. She heard the color mauve attracted wealth and if she had most of her home mauve, she would attract wealth. She was a devout Christian but believed in covering all her bases.

To each his own.

I know, if I’m in a dark room for a while, I get depressed. When God gave me my wonderful, new, Godly hubby, I saw he had a darker shade of blue room. This wasn’t awful. I knew we could always paint over it. Psychological studies have been done on the colors of walls and depression/aggression. Having come from a history of battling depression, my favorite color is bright yellow. It’s a cheery color. It makes me happy. I know I have to purpose to be in the right surroundings, including colors, if I am to retain my stabilization.
We heard it may take a little longer than expected to get our closing monies. We were expecting them in one week. We have 7 bills due till then. We have several bills due in exactly 9 days. I am purposing to wear some favorite colors and to retain my sanity. God help me.

Psalm 141: 2…my prayers…

“Let my prayer be set before Thee as incense; and the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice.”
God loves me. I love Him. I desire His approval of my prayers. That’s not adequate to say. I desire my prayers are as a sweet incense to my Father. At times I worship Him and I can about smell the sweetness. At other times, more often than others, my prayers are just sharing what’s on my mind with my heavenly “Dad”. (Abba, Father)
As a parent, myself, I know He appreciates both ways of my communicating with Him.
As a human,I know I like the praise and adoration of my hubby, my kids, my friends.

Food for thought: we are made in God’s image.

Equally yoked…

My hubby and I are awfully equally yoked. The Bible says not to be unequally yoked together. Well, the aspect I’m referring to is we both have been feeling the stress. We both have the desire to celebrate or take a mini vacation. We both know this isn’t the best financial idea. We both believe in taking mental health breaks.
My hubby is the “baby” of his family. I’m the only child. God knows we both come from idealism. We have spoiled tendencies in our own ways. We are thinking of going to the state fair this coming weekend.
Should we enjoy our lives while we are still in waiting mode? Yes. We put our trust and finances in God’s hands.

Prepping To Show

the house…..We act as a well oiled machine. I couldn’t have asked for a better team mate than my hubby. God gave me just the right guy to complement my missing parts.
When we get the word that we are going to show the house, to sell, we know in our minds, our assigned jobs. My hubby likes to get up early. He makes sure there’s coffee. What a doll! I confess, I start feeling a bit of anxiety the night prior. Forgive me, Jesus.
My hubby goes and gathers laundry, gets it going and gets dust mopping out of the way. I aim for dirty dishes. Don’t get the wrong idea, we aren’t slobs. I will head for emptying litter boxes job and spraying the house to make olfactory senses not be offended. My hubby, then gets the industrial sized mop bucket and tries to give the house a once over. He can fit this in if he’s already achieved getting the “great 8” out to the lanai. When I try to get them out, one will come back in while I’m trying to push one out. This isn’t the best route. The cats know my hubby is the ultimate alpha male of the home.
We are quite a team. We catch our breath before we have guests. We calm down, stop sweating and my hubby reminds me to actually stop sweating the small stuff. We are quite a team! We “show” nicely for what we have…….