Matthew 24: 6

“And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that you be not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.” Wow! Isn’t that heavy? Amidst our waiting to close on house number one, we got blessed with another windfall of money, we didn’t expect to […]


Those in the U. S.: I will send /pay for a junior, Andes’ mint shake from Arby’s to the first 5 people who comment. Arby’s may have these till the end of March. Time is running out. I guess I’ll send an Arby’s gift card to the first 5 people who contact me……. (I guess […]

I voted…

I went to the polls and did my civic duty to God and to man. I cast my vote for U. S. president in our primary election, today. I feel the lyrics to the song: The Battle Hymn of the Republic. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord. He is […]

Eye of the storm?

We still have at least 30 days till we are told we will close on house number one. Lately it’s been different, though. I’ve been praying for peace. I’ve been peaceful sometimes. I’ve been claiming peace. I’ve exhibited it sometimes. We have been praying together for our finances. We are seeing not as much strain. […]

Major Pain

Did you know that if you suffer allergies, they can manifest in more than one area of the body? I try not to take my OTC, once a day pill every day of my life. I’m finding I’m taking it more often now, though. I was blessed to have what some could call a normal […]

Healed for Life

Jo Naughton has written books and does retreats on being healed for life. We can be free to fulfill our purpose, in Jesus’ name. How we handle stuff, how we wait, and so on…is partly because of what we have or haven’t completely overcome from our past. Things can be lying dormant, and forming you […]

New Month

This is a new month with 31 days in it. We went to sign extension paper work again, today, to be told it might not be that house number one is completely sold till 37 days from now. As they say in church, “…and all God’s people said…?” We say, “Are you kidding me?” “God, […]

Attack dream

God is showing me I have spent years in the trenches battling spiritual forces of evil. After hearing a message about being brave, I dreamed a big, evil creature was trying to kill me and my aunt. The creature had evil “underlings” with him. (demons?) My aunt and I were running. We got weary. I […]

Bishop T. D. Jakes

Bishop Jakes spoke about feeding what feeds us. Yes, we are to feed the ministry that feeds us, but we can take this to the aspect of feeding positivity. Negativity takes from us. Let’s feed positivity. Jesus cursed the fig tree that didn’t feed Him. (Matthew 21: 19) After being cursed, it never produced fruit […]

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