God totally wowwed us….. P

With our new real estate agent, who is very motivated, we got 2 showings in less than a full week.  Glory to God!  I mean Glory to God!!!!!!  We got one offer which was way too low, but yesterday, got an offer for the full asking price.

God wanted P

God wanted His creation. He created the earth, fish, all that in Genesis. He wanted someone special to share all this with. (Genesis 1: 27) He wanted Adam to have a helpmate.

He wants our love. He wants us to ask Jesus into our hearts and to get cleansed of our sins through the shed blood of His only Son.

book beginning??

We have all felt it at one time or another.  We want something.  Usually we want what we want, when we want it.  We’ve even seen the frustrated mother in public with “the child”.  The child is screaming and fussing.  The mother says (in a loud voice) “WHAT is it that you want??”

Parents who have had teens know that the teen wants things. The teen has been known to say things like, “I never get what I want…”  Many times this sentence comes after the teenager has let loose with a laundry list of things he or she wants.

Ah, don’t forget the spouses.  Spouses can have a variety of “I want” sentences. Some can sound like, “Honey, I sure want a new mower.” That’s just precious. On the other hand, some spouses have never-ending honey do lists. I should know a lot about this. Sure, the requests start out nice and loving. There’s a hint of respect and everything. “Sweet heart, I sure would like to have that table you have been saying you were going to build”. Ten days later can sound like, “Baby, did you make a plan for when you are going to build that table for me, please.” Three weeks later the tone changes to possible sarcasm. “Yeah sure, like that table you are going to build for me….!”  The reply is either, “I know, I know” or “Sure, I have nothing else to do….”  To which the reply receives anger, tears, hollering; “I want that table!”  Any thing like this sound familiar in any way?

Surprise visitor on a Sunday…. P

We did good. We got up and had a lovely conversation over breakfast, before church. We discussed some of our thoughts and prayers to get this big house sold. We went to church.

I turned to say hello to a visitor. We chatted. She asked some of where we live and vice versa. I always follow this with, “but we are in the process of selling so we can move back up North”. That sparked a few things including, “I will seriously beseech God on your behalf for this desire.”  Wow…..thanks.   After church, we ran a couple errands and came home to relax, but there was a knock on the door. This is a rarity for us. We usually have people call first because we live “way out there”…..This was a motivated, energetic real estate lady who is convinced she can sell the house. We thought this was the hand of God moving and said, “Thank You, Jesus.”     So, off we go on concentrated effort to sell again…..Oh, the journeys…….

7 Deadly Sins…….Carnality… N

Historically the 7 are known as pride, greed, lust, malicious envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth….Thoughts on carnality…..yep, don’t be carnal. Live by the Spirit of God……

Examples (there are many in Old and New Testament)  1Corinthians 6: 9 and 10    Galatians 5: 16-26

We want hubby to get better P

My hubby has been having trouble with his tennis elbow for a while. He sees the doctor again in 2 weeks. Now, hubby is having a lot of coughing. We both had this and got better. Now, his problem with this is back. It disturbs his work, sleep, relaxation and everything. Of course, he knows he should give up the smoking, too.

We Want N

to sell this house dad nabbit…..don’t we sound like spoiled rotten kids?
It’s true, though. We are ready, in our opinion, to start a new adventure.


I knew there was a need for a bookcase N

My hubby said he’d build me one. Months later found him telling me to just get rid of some of my books.
I wanted bookcase. I sent for one. It’s yet to be put together.

My hubby looks at our abused, hand me down kitchen table and chairs. He says he will build a bench type, neat-0 picnic table. He claims this will be sort of a U shape…no need for actual chairs or we will get replacement ones….who knows….
Ever since he said this, the idea has grown in my mind. I’m waiting for this to be accomplished. I’m wanting this more and more….
There is actually a kitchen chair in the garage waiting for him to tighten up. It’s been there quite a while. Grrrrr Can you remind me of Philippians 2: 14??


Wanting life to be more like our vay cays N

13243768_1126871254043253_5240305092991692020_oLast week found us going to spend a couple nights away in a small cabin. Do we call 3 nights away from home a vacation? Do we call it a vay cay? My hubby got to have his going outside early in the morning and being outside more throughout the day without doing lawns and heavy work for money.
I got to be away from the litter boxes. I got my hubby’s good cookin on the outdoor grill. We were in each others faces all the time except when he got tired in front of the tv about any where from 8 to 10 pm, and he passed out and when I was not out of bed till 7:30 am. We walked. We discussed how we felt at the moment. We discussed future plans. We discussed our kids….yep, all of them. We prayed together and more….

My hubby claims life will be more like this daily, when he “retires”…I’m not so sure how life will be in at least 10 years.
See my crooked, squinched lip face.

Want or “Would Like”? N

I’d really like to lose 50 pounds. If I really wanted this, perhaps I’d do something about it.
There is a difference between wanting something and the casual “would like” this to be the case. I’m sure I could expound on this for quite a while.

The hot tub is an eye sore…… N

It’s on the back screened in porch.
Firstly, my hubby thought it would be cool. Yes, ok. He got it in and set up. He bought some sort of pump equipment. The electricity wouldn’t reach out there. There was no way to get outlet out there to work. There was no way to get an extension cord around the corner of sliding glass doors and to the hot tub. My hubby had his friend, an electrician, come and give it a look. He couldn’t do anything. He said it might take major overhauling electrical lines to do all this.
For 5 yrs. the hot tub has sat, ugly-ly on the lanai. It’s surrounded with screens so dirt and stuff come in. It has a clump of dirt on it currently.

I wouldn’t mind it gone. Perhaps we could extend the lanai and have a bigger table out there or more potted plants…..There’s work to be done….It’s surely too difficult for me to take on. Of course, I’d have to take it on alone….If only I had friends, kids, neighbors, cohorts……

I want I want I want….

I want the barn gone or something else done with it….. N

We moved here and saw a barn in the middle of the nice, big, fenced in backyard. Oh boy! The barn has a roof. It has wooden sides that come up perhaps 3 feet then have screens. It’s an open air barn. Someone said that some previous owners had some sort of bird refuge via the barn. Interesting.
I’ve seen that when it’s rainy season, like we are about to go into now, the rains come and blow right into the screens. Since we have lived here, I’ve discovered what it means to live in a “low country” area. The front of our land has some dips that hold water. This makes for potholes while trying to drive the long driveway. Then, the land steadily goes on a downward tilt apparently. This isn’t good. Can you say flooding? It’s not so bad with daily summer showers. It’s the big rains that come and knock out electricity for hours, that makes the land not able to soak in water and the water sits and grows.

Dear Lord…..
In time, we have stored things in the barn, not understanding the full impact of screens and where we are as far as when rains come. We have lost “stuff” due to water damage……feel me???

Trimming…….. N

I see the tree beside the front of our home being over the roof. This could affect many things. If we would have a good storm, the limb could puncture our roof. (or at least beat on it till there is a hole)
I see some of the bushes in front of our home with limbs sticking right into our windows/screens. I want some work done. In my past, if I saw some minor limbs where I didn’t want them, I’ve been knows to take scissors and cut them. Sometimes, I’ve been known to use a chainsaw, believe it or not….
I mentioned to hubby. He says “I know”. I say I could hire someone. He says no way. I wait and want it done. I have a list of things I’d like done.
This could irk some people. This could urge some to self indulge/medicate/appease…..Yep!!!

Well house………. N

I want the small building that sort of “houses” our well to be repaired. The roof looks as though it’s going to fall in and this may affect the well itself. We are blessed to still have some money from the sale of home number one. We could buy the materials to fix this. From my vantage point, we could pay someone to come and either replace the roof or build a new edifice to “house” the well.

My hubby says he knows he has a to do list. He knows there are many things to be done around the house. He knows it takes some time and effort to do theses things. He doesn’t seem to have the time, strength, desire to take care of the things I stare at all day.

Impatience growing….what are the fruits of the Spirit again??

I want the ceiling fan in the… N

kitchen fixed. I’ve been told we can’t fix it, it’s just easier to replace. I’ve been told a quick trip to Lowe’s will get a fan for less than 50 dollars. I’ve been told this replacement isn’t a job that’s hubby’s favorite thing to do. We are improvising with a small fan from another room. I have this fan sitting on a cart in the kitchen. This isn’t very pleasing to look at: especially since there’s a dead ceiling fan over my head. I don’t really like the air conditioning on if I can keep from it. We live in Fla. and I can use ceiling fans in every room at times. If it’s the dead of summer and the humidity is is unbearable, I like the air conditioner. We are blessed to have central air conditioning, it’s not like we have a window unit that makes a lot of noise.
This is not the only neglect I see from my hubby. I’ll tell you it’s been 2 weeks since the kitchen fan was diagnosed broken. (by my hubby)

Oh!!! My hubby tells me now that our neighbor who lives on our property in our “efficiency” home, needs a ceiling fan replacement too. He intends to purchase this for our neighbor. This is news. I thought our neighbor was self sufficient. I thought he takes care of his own home supplies, health, cigarettes, lady friends….

Someone said they would call me N

Someone said they would call me and communicate something I’ve been wanting to hear about. This person didn’t do this. They even answered a text of mine with the words “and I’ll call you” as if they hadn’t forgotten and still plan to. Now it’s days later….
I want to hear how someone’s testimony affected this other person’s life. I want to hear that it did affect this person’s life. I want to hear of changes in this person’s life, changes I think would be for the better. I obviously want to be a control freak.

Beth and Joyce N

I saw Beth Moore and Joyce Meyer on a show, chatting with each other. I like both of these speakers/authors/women of God. I admire them. I enjoy how they put words together. I rejoice in the fact that they quote scripture and know Christ personally.
First, I noticed, after all these years of their being known in religious circles, they still tell their personal testimonies. I’m sure there are some humans who have never heard the testimonies of these women. These women are heard and read around the entire world.
I gather among other things God has laid on their hearts, He has given them instruction to continue to tell of His magnificence via their overcoming their pasts and achieving the “where they are today” status. There is a theme. Throughout their ministries, there is a general theme. Let me mull that over. Yes, that’s cool. There is somehow a way for a lady in Timbuktu to say to a lady in Colorado that she knows of Joyce Meyer, yes, because “she’s the one who….” That’s the same with Beth Moore. I can say the theme of Billy Graham was and is soul saving.

I want a theme, God….I sound like a whiny kid. Perhaps,my theme is testifying to God’s faithfulness. If I write of my testimonies, thoughts, life events and how God was faithful to me, I can be used by Him to prove to others that He is faithful. Others will read my blog posts and books and see examples of their lives and see that I didn’t give up the faith. I kept my walk with God: despite my human nature.