Beth and Joyce N

I saw Beth Moore and Joyce Meyer on a show, chatting with each other. I like both of these speakers/authors/women of God. I admire them. I enjoy how they put words together. I rejoice in the fact that they quote scripture and know Christ personally.
First, I noticed, after all these years of their being known in religious circles, they still tell their personal testimonies. I’m sure there are some humans who have never heard the testimonies of these women. These women are heard and read around the entire world.
I gather among other things God has laid on their hearts, He has given them instruction to continue to tell of His magnificence via their overcoming their pasts and achieving the “where they are today” status. There is a theme. Throughout their ministries, there is a general theme. Let me mull that over. Yes, that’s cool. There is somehow a way for a lady in Timbuktu to say to a lady in Colorado that she knows of Joyce Meyer, yes, because “she’s the one who….” That’s the same with Beth Moore. I can say the theme of Billy Graham was and is soul saving.

I want a theme, God….I sound like a whiny kid. Perhaps,my theme is testifying to God’s faithfulness. If I write of my testimonies, thoughts, life events and how God was faithful to me, I can be used by Him to prove to others that He is faithful. Others will read my blog posts and books and see examples of their lives and see that I didn’t give up the faith. I kept my walk with God: despite my human nature.

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