“Relationship”????? P

People are nice and try to say things about Salvation, Christ, The Only way to heaven…..well, it’s about relationship…..Yes. I know what I mean when I say I have a relationship with my hubby. I know what I mean when I say I have a relationship with God. I know what I mean…..do you?
Do you know what I mean? Do you know what you mean?
I have a distanced relationship with my daughter: and she lives 20 minutes away from me and sits with me in church every week.
Being curious, I looked in my 55 year old concordance. This was published by the American Bible Society in 1960. I prefer it to a Strong’s. A Strong’s concordance is confusing to me. This has 482 pgs. Many of the matriarchs in my family used this one. “Relationship” isn’t in this book. The word LOVE is. The word PRESENCE is. I can see Jesus and the prophets of old referring to love and being in someone’s presence because you love them and have a relationship with them.

Additional thoughts: I sit alone at home evenings. My hubby works his medically benefited job evenings. That changes from time to time. (good thing I’m flexible) I live out in a relatively remote place currently. It’s interesting. My daughter knows my history, being alone situation, and doesn’t visit much at all. As my hubby says, I have more than one daughter– but the one from my loins is so busy in her own life, she can barely hear her own thoughts: IF she has any: she seems to be on robot-mode most of the time…..
Glory to God!! My daughter’s ex hubby not only accepted Jesus as his Savior, got baptized, but also plans to go to seminary. He claims the time is short till Jesus’ return and he wants to make sure he’s ready: as well as many others are ready too. He realizes the importance of reading and meditating on the Word. He understands he must spend time with God, daily. He desires to do this. I’m not sure my daughter comprehends what all this means. even though she’s going to be 33 yrs. old…Pain in my heart……!!!!!!!!

Thoughts how God has moved us historically… P

We have had desires and thoughts to move to other houses before. God then moves us out of the current house when the need is more real. Now, the event is happening that we may have something not exactly savory in front of our home. The edifice that stands in front of our home used to be a deli. Then it was a SMALL flea market for a short season. Now, they are digging a well and making changes. Who knows? (Only God) If there will be a bar or something, God will move us physically…….Yay!!! We prayed against this when we first moved here. Now, our desire to move out of this house is so strong, we pray God uses anything to get us out of this house.

On the flip side, if it’s God’s will, and if something more savory moves in that edifice, we could stay here and I could involve myself big time in it……Hmmmm

First book went to printer 5-17-16, publishing helper asks for P

next one and so does my hubby. With thoughts of “wanting” I don’t know if I’ll actually do all the stuff it takes to get an actual book done again. On the other hand, I may go down the path for “been found wanting” and then go down the path of book 3: “weakness to strength”…(emotional, spiritual and physical…) Hmmmmmmm

Suddenly, God’s writing books through me….yes, that’s what I’m claiming

Now, 17 months later, I no longer have a publisher. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I don’t know if I’ll pursue having another one. I pray for God’s guidance.

God made humans to live… P

4 ever. Ponder that…He made humans in His image. We are the only ones who will last 4 ever: somewhere.
Eternity is a long time. Choose where you will spend it. Will you spend it in everlasting torment? Torture? Will you spend it in everlasting peace, grace, praising God, beauty, love???

Will you spend it wanting what you can never have? Wanting peace? Wanting physical comfort? Wanting another chance to get it right and live for Christ?

Without Him… P

Without Him, I could do nothing. Without Him, I’d Surely Fail. Without Him, I would be drifting, like a ship without a sail.
Jesus O Jesus, Do you know Him today? Do not turn Him away. O Jesus, O Jesus, Without Him, how lost I would be…..

I have memories of my past carnal times. In the late seventies, I recall some things I did. Looking back, I see I was really seeking attention and approval more than many things. I was seeking acceptance and couldn’t find it in many venues I was going to: including church. That’s sad.
But God….