The Pastor of our church

was on Trinity Broadcast Network last night. He had taped it earlier. He was talking to Prophet/Author/Preacher Perry Stone. When asked what he’s seeing now, he replied, “There seems to be a lack of intimacy with God.” People want to flow with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, but don’t contain the fruits of the Holy Spirit. God wants people to contain and live theses gifts. They are love, joy, peace, gentleness, goodness, faith, long suffering, meekness, and temperance.

At different times, we need reminders. I personally have to watch myself as we still wait to sell our house. Faith! Long suffering!! Temperance!!

I have to watch my judgmentalism… Meekness! Goodness!!! Temperance!!

Folks who are commenting on my posts….

Thank you all for the positive ones.

The negative ones and the ones trying to sell something aren’t appreciated. I started this just to get through a terribly stressful time in my life: in which I’m still in. Florida is one of the worst states to achieve underwriting, surveying, appraisals, agreement between real estate agents, acquiring FHA loans, etc…..Nerve wrecking.

We have held fast to our faith. God is faithful. We know He will come through for us.

Meanwhile, I’ve sent 2nd book to publisher, because I hashed out my thoughts on my blog. I wasn’t so much interested in others’ reading it, but, the scriptures I put on the blog—will not return null and void…..God promised.
May God bless you all.

I see comments in my personal email

from folks who say they appreciate my blog. If you are sincere, Thank You All. If they are Nike and Adidas advertisements and such…..ummm…

I started this to gather my thoughts and have a place to put my creativity. I enjoyed it. I made much of it into the book: “Sanity In The Waiting”. Now, I’m working on my second book. I share testimonies and personal faith with scripture…..

I wear Vionic shoes, by the way…..