What to do if you miss the Rapture

1.Don’t try to explain away the Rapture.

2.Don’t look for any born again Christians.

3. Don’t take the Mark of the Beast on your forehead or hand.

4.Don’t expect to escape a martyr’s death.

5.Don’t expect and help from God.

6.Don’t bet your eternity on a 2nd chance.

What kind of bird are you?

Keep in mind, “birds of a feather, stick together.”

Isaiah 40: 31 reminds us we are to soar on wings like eagles. That’s hard to do if we are living like chickens. Chickens are fearful and live one meal/paycheck to the next.

It’s also hard to do if we are living as dodo birds, ostriches, peacocks or caged canaries. Look into the life of the eagle. Amazing. God wants us to be more like them.

Something to strive for….

Views from the cats

We are the great 8 that Mom refers to. Let us tell you how some of the “move” to Ohio has been. “Not right now, Emma, I’ll tell you what a move is later.” Emma is the youngest. See, after we were in cages for 18 hours, Mom and Dad let us out in what they call a basement. It was a rough 18 hours. We all survived fine. Emma thought she was having culture shock, though. We see Mom and Dad super busy about all the time. We see them in recliner chairs in the evenings. We try to comfort them. Dad falls asleep. Since there is so much business by both our parents, they sometimes holler. This scares us. Later, we see Mom and Dad kiss. Yuk. Sometimes this happens again. We wish they would not holler at each other. Once a week, they go to church and spend time away. We know they love God. We see and hear them both pray. They are good cat parents. Maybe they should spend more time at church. They usually come home smiling after.

Digital Camera
Emma, Button
Digital Camera
Milo, Sable, Cody
Digital Camera
Digital Camera
Digital Camera
Susie Q

Joshua 14: 12

We prayed. We had faith. Our faith was tested. We finally got here to our new home in Ohio. We had to wait to close on the house. There were more and more details. Yes, the devil is in the details, for sure!

We are underway. God has my hubby in his job and my hubby is recovering from his sciatica, sort of. We have had many visits with the grandkids. We have had the kids come over and help build the enclosed back porch. They were building and building. It took a few weekends. The guys could only work like one day a  week.

We put our ornamentation on our home. It’s a cross. THEN we got a notice in the mail about our not knowing about moving to a new area and having to have a building permit. Another detail! My hubby had made it small enough to supposedly not have to have a permit. It’s completed now.

Yes, God answered our prayers. We are here. We are safe and sound. Almost every way we turn, there are “giants” to confront. God is our fortress.

please rotate once to the right

Joshua 14:  12 says, “Now therefore give me this mountain, whereof the Lord spake of in that day, for thou heardest in that day how the (giants) were there, and that the cities were great and fenced: if so be the Lord will be with  me, then I shall be able to drive them out, as the Lord said.”

I heard Graham Cook…

He’s a really good teacher/preacher….  He reminded us of God’s earnest love. Even before the creation of the world, God loved us. Jesus and God had a great loving relationship and decided to create the world. They knew what it would be like. They knew Jesus would have to die for sinners who reject Him. They knew what 2016 would be like.

(see Jeremiah 1:5)

God is in control!!!


I did some wind down before bed last night. I thought all was ok. I laid my head on the pillow, as I do, and was going to pray. I was mulling over so much in my mind, I was just saying a brief “Thank You, Jesus.”

I added more to my prayer. Ok….I felt a thick Presence. Well, I’ve done that before, so I’ll just roll over and go to sleep. I tried to no avail. I got up, to see if my hubby was home from work, at 1am. I had been thinking, praying, tossing for 2 hours. My hubby was home playing his game of solitude on the computer. I told him I was having trouble sleeping. I tried sleep again and got up at 3 am. and wasn’t in the mood for solid warfare prayer that I know God wants His kids to do at times. (disobedient me) I turned on the tv. I watched some 700 Club. I got a snack. This prompted more bathroom trips. What a night. I still got up at 8am.

Umm, next time I guess I’ll be obedient to God and pray with a fury, so He will let me go to sleep. I did add prayers for the nation. I’d already prayed for safety for my friends and loved ones in the Hermine storm, while I was safe in Ohio.  Jeremiah 7: 23 says, “But this is what I commanded them, saying ‘Obey My voice, and I will be your God, and you will be My people; and you will walk in all the way which I command you, that it may be well with you.”

We all want all to be well with us……