True wisdom

comes from above.picture-9-2We need to be still and listen at times. Hush the inner and outer noises….Jesus is a friend Who wants to be, and is ,closer than a brother….

What does peace mean to you?

Peace and quiet?

Peace on earth?

Inner peace? What is inner peace? Can you have peace even though you are lonely, in lack of financial freedom, in a job you don’t love? How bout when you are depressed, not looking forward to tomorrow, feel no one cares about your sense of peace?

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There is a Prince of Peace…..He was born in a manger…..

He longs to be found by those who seek Him. He’ll give peace.

So, I was reading the book

of Ezra, in the Bible, and thought of this current U. S. election. I really related to Ezra praying for Israel. I go before God on behalf of my country and it’s future. I go before God on behalf of my marriage. We are blessed today, to be able to be in the kitchen “creating” as we both love to do.img_20161022_135152

A really cute read…

Christmas book by Sheila Roberts: “Three Christmas Wishes”. Get hold of this one! The characters become so real. Ms Roberts has such a great way of portraying her characters, they become your friends. This book includes a lot of variety including the weave of girl friends, children, inlaws, future inlaws, baby births, chocolate, husband/wife relationships, boyfriend/girlfriend relationships, employment, family dynamics, scripture references, “It’s a Wonderful Life” references, fine dining and more. There’s a lovely take on the age old question of “Is Santa Clause real or not?”

I laughed aloud the whole first half of this book….

All about viewpoint

I’ve never really had to eak out a living to support myself financially. Whenever I’ve had gainful employment for money, I’ve not really desperately needed to….I’ve always been blessed that way.

That being said, I’ve been sure to marry someone who I know will finance and support financially: after all, Mommy and Daddy are in Heaven.

I’m in my mid-fifties. We just made a major geographical move 2 months ago. One reason we moved was so hubby would be able to “work less”. (Yes, in quotes, he actually said it.) God blessed and we got moved, hubby got full time job with his son and makes GOOD money. His son isn’t his actual boss, it is warehouse work. They tend to pull overtime, and do weekend inventory and call ins for extra hours. My hubby views this as a good thing.

I see this as time not spent with me, not doing Fall fun things or sightseeing, and not caring for me when I have a cold,  this affects the time we do have “free” in that we are both terribly tired all the time.

I realize some may say, “Did you want to marry a caregiving parent”?


This eats at me a lot. By the end of every week, I have elevated voice about it. I hear response: “This is every week.” Umm, if it’s every week and you don’t like it, do something different to make things better: yes?

Definition of a fool: someone who continues to do the same things all the time, expecting different results.

Ephesians 5: 25 Hubby, love me as Christ loved the church….takes time to “wash and care for me” so I can be blemishless and holy.

I have a friend, who lives 1000 miles away, where we used to live. This friend is always saying how missed I am and that I should come back.

Talk about difficult adjustments……….Pray for me….