Mr. Trump won the election

US president…Donald Trump

My hubby and I voted for him. We agree with many of his viewpoints including there are far too many abortions in America, we should be able to choose to legally own a gun in our home, little Lori should be able to walk a few blocks with her daddy to go get ice cream: safely, without carrying a gun or having 5 year old Lori see 2 grown men holding hands and kissing each other on the mouth. We believe in blessing and aligning with Israel. We believe little Lori’s daddy should be able to own the ice cream stand instead of it being owned by illegal immigrants who came here with nothing, but US set them up with a govt funded ice cream stand (for instance) so they can have income and provide for their families. ┬áMany have taken the sign on the statue of Liberty to extremes…”give me your hungry, poor….longing to be free…..” If you really want to live here, do it legally and pay taxes like the rest of us.

We had to jump through a billion hoops to move from Florida to Ohio legally….it was ridiculous….but we did em all….we paid out quite a few bucks too….

We welcome change…..

God bless the USA and Mr. Trump and his family… him, Lord……in Jesus’ name….

Bible says, “Let he who has an ear, let

him hear.” There is power of life and death in the tongue. Those of us who know, understand when we say something aloud, even in a room all alone, the walls have ears.

Now, being the day after Halloween, I don’t mean “oooooeeeeeeoooo”. (sung) I mean spirits and angels and demons. Jesus is with us always. Though we are alone, we are never alone. Eph. 6:12 reminds that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, there are principalities… Anyone who has ever had any battles in the mind (see Joyce Meyer’s books and sermons) knows, even though a person is a Christian, they can start the day fine, praise God and smile….end of day can have them questioning and contemplating suicide. (or almost) 1 Kings 19 has Elijah having defeated great armies, yet asking God for death, while hiding, shortly after. Had he heard the murmurings in his own head, about, ‘sure, you did that, but now….and you are nothing more than…..” and so on….??

The walls have ears… what you say…….