I came across an interesting website


Here’s the scenario.  A woman moves to a new town, has no friends to do coffee with. Her hubby or boyfriend works weird hours or is gone a lot with work. Does she burden her love with “I’m lonely” or “I wish I had someone to share beauty secrets with, go to the gym with, go to a movie with?” “I got no body…..”  Socialjane.com can pair her with a mere friend who has similar interests.  I really like the idea.

I tried it. I’ll check in with you if I have a friendship develop with someone.

God is good!

All glory and honor to God almighty.

This week I got word my second book would be in publication as of the beginning of 2017. It is called “You Have Been Found Wanting”. It’s come up against obstacles and taken over six months to get this book in publication. It’s being published by Catholic Life International and will be available on Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and e-books. (as well as through Catholic Life International) This is great news. But then I heard from a Christian talk show hostess. (Arthelene Rippy) She is talking about my coming and being on her tv show, in Clearwater, Fla. I’ll fly from Ohio. I will discuss both my books and why I wrote them and what’s in happened since I wrote them. God has grown me and I give Him glory and testify to His faithfulness.

My friend, Pat, is going to give me pointers on actual marketing. All this is new to me….God is in control…….I’m excited to be a part of His plan.