Doesn’t really matter the name over the door

My hubby started life attending a Southern Baptist church called Gordon Avenue Baptist Church. It was a little local neighborhood church. Quaint. I started with the American Baptist: First Baptist of Hamilton, Ohio. It had grown substantially. Life happened. We had years of growth. In our forties, we had both been attending Pentecostal churches and started our corresponding with each other from 1000 miles away.  7 months later, we were married in a Pentecostal church. We moved a few times in our marriage of 12 years. We sought God’s guidance for which church to plug into and serve in each time. This time, we landed here in Ohio and really enjoy a big Church of God. We went from there to a smaller branch where we can really plug in and serve. Who knew we’d be downtown Hamilton, inner city church that used to be St. John’s? Only God. Yes, this picture is sideways, sorry about that. St. John’s? Oh! My publisher is Catholic Life International….God and His consistence…..Ha


Why was I put on this earth? I can relate the fact that I’m a mom, a wife, a grandmother, a faithful follower of Christ, an author…that all sounds great, right?

The times I’m lonely and am starting to feel discouraged, I don’t quickly turn to all that good stuff, I’m sad to say. I don’t always lift out of my circumstances and talk to God and have my attitude adjusted. I repent.

I am just like everyone else. I sit in my home and seem unknown. I was born an only child who would not normally make an impact on many people (in my opinion) But God……God sees the bigger picture all at once. All at the same time, God saw me in my mother’s womb (Psalms 139: 13), saw my future, saw my faith in Him, saw how life would impact me, and saw my faith and love for Him. He saw and sees my future and destiny. He has plans for me. His Word promises me I can have life more abundantly than I ever dreamed, because I love Jesus.

I like to say, with my limited understanding: I relate my destination to when we traveled 1000 miles. We, for sure, had a destination. We drove with 8 cats and didn’t do the motel overnight.  Similarly, God has a definite destination for me, for me and my hubby……..for all who trust and love Him…..This is exciting!

Life is full of wrinkles….

Can’t I just use wrinkle releaser to get rid of my wrinkles and get rid of “wrinkles” that interrupt my life??

I recall my mother referring to new topics and events in her life as “new wrinkles”.

We came to this state with many hopes and dreams. We have encountered many “wrinkles” and bumps. My hubby has managerial experience and “just knew” he would have progressed in his job, by now……..ummm…  Well, he will apply some place else. God will give him the desire of his heart….we are claiming Romans 4: 17…my hubby will have the job of his dreams…..He will!!

Work and sleep

 My hubby sleeps.

At this point, in our new land, in Ohio, it seems all we do is work and sleep…ah, but we have been ill more in the last 5 months than….I don’t know how long. Is this part of the adjustment from living in Florida to Ohio?

Not sure…. But we still trust God and wait on Him to renew our strength.

Actually been thinking of the verse in 3 John 2…we’ll have health and prosper AS our souls prosper….

It’s Out! My second book!!!

So, I took this photo of my second book, which is called “You Have Been Found Wanting”. I’m told it will be available via Catholic Life International (my publisher) in about 2 weeks.

It will then be available on Kindle, Google Play, e-books, Amazon, Barnes and Noble as well, but my publisher says I get more commissions if folks order/buy through him.

I didn’t go into writing and being published for money, really, I just love to write. I share personal testimony again, as I did with “Sanity In The Waiting”. I share scripture and some family happenings, with my opinions about them…..not that anyone asked. I refer to songs of old, other authors, bloggers, and prophecies.

Some main basis of this book is Daniel 5: 27

I try to utilize some of Newton’s Third Law and have my chapters based on the “Fruits of the Spirit” (Bible)


19 degrees….yes, it snowed during the night and schools are closed today. Welcome back to Ohio!

Meanwhile, we went through what has to be realized as a cold spell with spiritual warfare involved. I always say things were spiritual warfare when the details of the situation pretty much made no sense. You see, God brought my hubby and I out of a tense couple of weeks where nothing we did could make us close. We could say, “The sun is out.” The other person would raise voice and reply: “What do you mean by that?!?!?”  Get the picture? It was awful. I was considering leaving my hubby and going back to Florida, if only for a short time. This wasn’t the first time this happened in our 4 months here in Ohio. After repeated occurrence, I start wondering if I should go back, if we will ever be “ussins” again, and where is the love? We had tensions, money stress, my hubby’s thoughts of changing jobs- again, illness, and friends in Florida advising one or both of us to truly come back down. Every day we found ourselves revisiting the “why did we move up here?” We say, “family”. Well, family has had our help, we have celebrated some holidays, and now what? When my hubby was calm, we would ask each other, “do we really believe God wants us to  move back down South?”

We would have strange happenings like a lovely, giving day after church and praising God together. We would come home to short tempers flaring and voices elevated. It would almost come from out of no-where. Given, we are not as young as we used to be and were probably tired, but sometimes there were huge blow ups. We, later, would look at each other and ask: “Where did all that come from?”

We reconnected into each others’ lives Dec. 5, 2004. We sort of have a tradition of celebrating our mini anniversary every month on the 5th. Today is the fifth. We praise God, even though it’s cold outside, we still have the warmth of love for each other (and God) in our home.