19 degrees….yes, it snowed during the night and schools are closed today. Welcome back to Ohio!

Meanwhile, we went through what has to be realized as a cold spell with spiritual warfare involved. I always say things were spiritual warfare when the details of the situation pretty much made no sense. You see, God brought my hubby and I out of a tense couple of weeks where nothing we did could make us close. We could say, “The sun is out.” The other person would raise voice and reply: “What do you mean by that?!?!?”  Get the picture? It was awful. I was considering leaving my hubby and going back to Florida, if only for a short time. This wasn’t the first time this happened in our 4 months here in Ohio. After repeated occurrence, I start wondering if I should go back, if we will ever be “ussins” again, and where is the love? We had tensions, money stress, my hubby’s thoughts of changing jobs- again, illness, and friends in Florida advising one or both of us to truly come back down. Every day we found ourselves revisiting the “why did we move up here?” We say, “family”. Well, family has had our help, we have celebrated some holidays, and now what? When my hubby was calm, we would ask each other, “do we really believe God wants us to  move back down South?”

We would have strange happenings like a lovely, giving day after church and praising God together. We would come home to short tempers flaring and voices elevated. It would almost come from out of no-where. Given, we are not as young as we used to be and were probably tired, but sometimes there were huge blow ups. We, later, would look at each other and ask: “Where did all that come from?”

We reconnected into each others’ lives Dec. 5, 2004. We sort of have a tradition of celebrating our mini anniversary every month on the 5th. Today is the fifth. We praise God, even though it’s cold outside, we still have the warmth of love for each other (and God) in our home.

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