Why was I put on this earth? I can relate the fact that I’m a mom, a wife, a grandmother, a faithful follower of Christ, an author…that all sounds great, right?

The times I’m lonely and am starting to feel discouraged, I don’t quickly turn to all that good stuff, I’m sad to say. I don’t always lift out of my circumstances and talk to God and have my attitude adjusted. I repent.

I am just like everyone else. I sit in my home and seem unknown. I was born an only child who would not normally make an impact on many people (in my opinion) But God……God sees the bigger picture all at once. All at the same time, God saw me in my mother’s womb (Psalms 139: 13), saw my future, saw my faith in Him, saw how life would impact me, and saw my faith and love for Him. He saw and sees my future and destiny. He has plans for me. His Word promises me I can have life more abundantly than I ever dreamed, because I love Jesus.

I like to say, with my limited understanding: I relate my destination to when we traveled 1000 miles. We, for sure, had a destination. We drove with 8 cats and didn’t do the motel overnight. ¬†Similarly, God has a definite destination for me, for me and my hubby……..for all who trust and love Him…..This is exciting!

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