It’s Out! My second book!!!

So, I took this photo of my second book, which is called “You Have Been Found Wanting”. I’m told it will be available via Catholic Life International (my publisher) in about 2 weeks.

It will then be available on Kindle, Google Play, e-books, Amazon, Barnes and Noble as well, but my publisher says I get more commissions if folks order/buy through him.

I didn’t go into writing and being published for money, really, I just love to write. I share personal testimony again, as I did with “Sanity In The Waiting”. I share scripture and some family happenings, with my opinions about them…..not that anyone asked. I refer to songs of old, other authors, bloggers, and prophecies.

Some main basis of this book is Daniel 5: 27

I try to utilize some of Newton’s Third Law and have my chapters based on the “Fruits of the Spirit” (Bible)

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