Life is full of wrinkles….

Can’t I just use wrinkle releaser to get rid of my wrinkles and get rid of “wrinkles” that interrupt my life??

I recall my mother referring to new topics and events in her life as “new wrinkles”.

We came to this state with many hopes and dreams. We have encountered many “wrinkles” and bumps. My hubby has managerial experience and “just knew” he would have progressed in his job, by now……..ummm… ¬†Well, he will apply some place else. God will give him the desire of his heart….we are claiming Romans 4: 17…my hubby will have the job of his dreams…..He will!!

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Grandma of 14, believer in The One True God, Jesus is my Lord and Savior. I can be found on Twitter as Lori Church, tho I don't check in with Twitter much. I write scriptures, events in my life/world as they pertain to God's purpose, and vent feelings (and thoughts) Ring in with your uplifting comments, please

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