All or Nothing

There is a personality disorder that involves a person’s thinking in terms of all or nothing. I tend to be that way. In psychological circles this is a negative thing. In debating going on a diet, this can mess with your head. Ha!

God talks about how He’d prefer if a person was hot or cold for Him: not wishy washy, or one way one day, and one way the next. (Rev 3: 15-18)

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Grandma of 14, believer in The One True God, Jesus is my Lord and Savior. I can be found on Twitter as Lori Church, tho I don't check in with Twitter much. I write scriptures, events in my life/world as they pertain to God's purpose, and vent feelings (and thoughts) Ring in with your uplifting comments, please

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  1. It was marvelous! My hubby took me to see the Ark: yes, Noah’s Ark, in Kentucky. It was great! Our day was great. We bonded, we sang in the truck as we drove down the road.

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