This feels odd, but, I’ll answer some question that some of you have asked me.

I don’t have a donate button. I appreciate the positive comments many of you have shared, more than you can ever imagine! Thanks so much!!

If you’d like to donate ($) to my blog posts for some reason, you can let my publisher know. He will let me know. This way, I avoid weird posts that some give me about “you- wouldn’t -believe- me- if -I -told -you”.  You see, I’m a Christian who lives in modern day society. I don’t curse on here, nor put up super sinful things that some have responded to my posts with. I’m not a super professional, but believe that we, as Christians, should share our testimonies.

(currently, I am trusting God for something…it does entail some money, but, I will, of course, write about it on here after, or during…..What a testimony to God’s faithfulness that is going to be!!!)


My publisher is Catholic Life International.              1-800-458-1885

(They published my books: Sanity In The Waiting and You Have Been Found Wanting)

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