Fighting Comes From Battles Within Me

Surprise! Perhaps when you think you may have life figured out, and you have a flow in your day to day, you have a big realization. God knew these things would happen years ago when He wrote His Word. James 4: 1 says, “From whence come wars and fightings among you?….come from…that war in your members”? (war within you)

Folks carry stuff and baggage from years, weeks, days prior, to now. We have all heard this. We have read magazines, books,and who knows what all about this. God knew,  we needed to psychoanalyze ourselves, so we could “get through” stuff.

Growing pains and power struggles start in the head first, right? Can you feel it? I, personally, may come into being what the world may call Successful. I am actually trusting God to bring this to pass. The more I see successes, the bigger my hopes, dreams, and faith become. It seems I exude the successful person I want to be. This, in turn, has me speaking with a larger vocabulary. I am also talking about what God did, then what I talked to God about, what He said to me in His Word more. Not meaning to, this can come out wrong. Talk about sounding “preachy”……. My hubby takes offense more and more. He naturally throws up his wall of protection and communication/relationship tends to suffer.

A while back, I actually had this talk with God. I asked Him to curb my successes, if I wasn’t going to be able to handle them gracefully. I have not been “rubbing successes in anyone’s faces”, but….. On the other hand, successes have been s-l-o-w in coming and I’m getting a bit numb in the waiting tank. I see so much coming in the future. I see a possibly happier, busier life for myself, on the horizon. I’m excited……..

But, I wait……….Lord, let me retain my sanity in my waiting……(oh, and don’t let me be a wrecking ball to all in my path, in this development time….)


Sometimes life gets in the way of glee. My husband goes along with an understanding that he is content. He knows life is not about silly laughing glee all the time, but he is committed to our life together. Praise God. You see, as the time changed,(daylight savings time) Spring is trying to come along and my husband’s work schedule changed, I am having a rough time.

I am committed to our marriage, but evenings are long and lonely: in my opinion.

My husband is my example and I glean from him. I WILL Take Life With A Grain Of Salt, as he does. I won’t let this get me. I may just go out to dinner.


My generous hubby made chili for his coworkers and himself. He took it in to work with him. He has been making chili the same way for years. He uses tomato paste and tomato sauce, meat, beans, and a packet of already made spices. He is known for his “tomato-less chili”. He says, “I make chili without tomatoes.” When I first heard this, I thought it would not be red at all. It is. This photo doesn’t do it justice. Admittedly, my thoughts of a chili recipe were merely what I was used to. My mother made it with diced tomatoes and a can of tomatoes (whole) she put in the blender. Hers was quite watery.

Growing up in the sixties, I was not aware my mother was carefully saving money away. She was not tight with money, but she was a “saver”. It was wise that she was. Being an only child, we never lacked for anything.

Currently, I don’t lack for anything. God takes great care of me. I even have thick, meaty, rich chili soup………..Yum!

Pure and positive

Philippians 4: 8 says to think on pure, lovely things. Think positively!

“Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”

I confess last week was rough and frustrating for me. I was going in circles trying to achieve a goal that I ended up giving up on. That was tough on me. I decided to just give up on that thing, at least for now, to retain my sanity.

This week, I’m adjusting to not trying for that goal. I was going to attend college online at a certain Christian college. I was so focused and worked so hard last week, I’m recovering this week. I really can’t get onto what I need to do this week. It seems all I can do is basics. My days are filled with a purposeful trying to relax. This is odd. I’m feeling it’s needed, though.

Then it hit me……think on positive, pure, uplifting, and true thoughts. Let only these kinds of words leave my lips………Ok, that’s what I’m doing….

Compendium of Faith

I tell ya, sometimes I wait for life. Time drones on. It seems like forever. Now, quite the opposite.

My publisher is adding my information to the Catholic Life International’s publishing site/organization’s compendium of faith. There will be more ways to communicate with me directly. As always, there will be ways to get my books. With this going on, I’m starting working on my third book.

I got a book in the mail to read and review for the author. I love doing this for Sheila Roberts. (sorry pic will be it’s self) I’m also going to college, taking online classes. This will be a concentrated 8 weeks of classes. I ordered my text book already.  Now, when I focus on book writing, I immerse myself in information gathering. This time will be a bit different. God help me not to have bitten off more than I can chew…..You do know what that means, right?!?!?