My generous hubby made chili for his coworkers and himself. He took it in to work with him. He has been making chili the same way for years. He uses tomato paste and tomato sauce, meat, beans, and a packet of already made spices. He is known for his “tomato-less chili”. He says, “I make chili without tomatoes.” When I first heard this, I thought it would not be red at all. It is. This photo doesn’t do it justice. Admittedly, my thoughts of a chili recipe were merely what I was used to. My mother made it with diced tomatoes and a can of tomatoes (whole) she put in the blender. Hers was quite watery.

Growing up in the sixties, I was not aware my mother was carefully saving money away. She was not tight with money, but she was a “saver”. It was wise that she was. Being an only child, we never lacked for anything.

Currently, I don’t lack for anything. God takes great care of me. I even have thick, meaty, rich chili soup………..Yum!

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