Compendium of Faith

I tell ya, sometimes I wait for life. Time drones on. It seems like forever. Now, quite the opposite.

My publisher is adding my information to the Catholic Life International’s publishing site/organization’s compendium of faith. There will be more ways to communicate with me directly. As always, there will be ways to get my books. With this going on, I’m starting working on my third book.

I got a book in the mail to read and review for the author. I love doing this for Sheila Roberts. (sorry pic will be it’s self) I’m also going to college, taking online classes. This will be a concentrated 8 weeks of classes. I ordered my text book already. ┬áNow, when I focus on book writing, I immerse myself in information gathering. This time will be a bit different. God help me not to have bitten off more than I can chew…..You do know what that means, right?!?!?

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