Have you heard of the scents that can be in a warmer and melt or as oil? Your home, car, laundry, children’s toys, (etc….) can smell really good.I went to what I thought was a party. It was an open house. Yes, I bought some stuff, because I know how it goes when you have these kinds of get togethers and no one purchases anything.

Since I like to analyze and relate things to my personal life all the time, I realized, from going to this get-together, people are mostly about all the same. We all have a basic need to have a clean home. We all basically want our homes, clothes, etc…to smell non-offensive, and possibly super nice.

We all have tendencies to want to talk to the person in charge individually. We want our “special attention.” We have questions. We all want to know and be known.

Thanks for reading my posts. I’m glad you are getting to know me.

I have self worth.

You do too! Not just for me, but to God. Deuteronomy 33: 27 says God is our refuge and underneath are His EVERLASTING arms………(comforting)

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