“Still Here”

Does anyone agree with me there ought to be an official ministry called “Still Here Ministries”? I think there should be a way some folks can gather, or communicate on social media, (or both) in lieu of being still hanging in there. We who don’t necessarily go to another state and hear big name, famous speakers like Joyce Meyer and John Hagee … We either can’t afford to go, or are too weary from every day life to go.

We are still pluggin and going to church, worshiping God in our homes and lives and giving of our time, money and some efforts here and there, to community involvement. We are not doing this so often that the whole town knows our name or all of America does. We don’t go to bars or pubs where we might have the social life as we used to see on the tv show: Cheers.

I know of some diligent pastors who have been attending Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night, mid week prayer and special prayer/study events for years. They are used to doing all this. What about the people who strive to fit church in once or twice a week? Some of us read the Bible at home and pray with our spouses, not to mention have solid relationships with God: our Father. Because we are not present at events, though, we can be easily forgotten and neglected. But: we are Still Here! We are still faithful. We are still keeping our homes clean and praying for our families. We welcome extra prayer requests, and are diligent to pray for others who ask. We pray for our country, the leaders, and for Israel. (as instructed in God’s Word)

Who are we? We are a bit unknown. God knows us.

“Still Here Ministries”

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