Short Bio for “Sanity In The Waiting” book

ISBN # 978-0-692-71855-1

The author was waiting. She had many things she was waiting for. God inspired her to write of her experience. She was impatient, but trusted God. There were every day trials, family situations, finances and more to deal with. Everyone has these kinds of things, right? All creatures have had times of waiting. My cats even wait to be fed….

Have you ever gotten impatient waiting? As a Christian, you don’t want to lose your cool while impatience is eating you alive. What kind of testimony would that be? So, this book is to encourage and inspire others to seek God and His Word. It’s the story of the author’s adventure while selling two houses in one year. She had major faith in God. She had trials! Some trials reminded her of stuff from her past. So, she shares some of that: yet, God was faithful.

As one review states on Amazon, “Lori expresses such honesty; she really helps the reader going through stressful situations , have hope in knowing all will be well, just hang in there.”

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