One Day

One day you’ll have time for me

Sim-il-ar-ities we’ll see

Morning, noon and night to be

together till I’m sick of thee.

All the places we can go

Hang together: get to know

Without work, who we show

the world we are: strengthened beau.

For each other, we will stand

holding tightly: Promised Land?

Through the journey: highs and lows

Hang together: goodness knows!

Times to sing, times to travel

through the paved, through the gravel.

Cre-a-tiv-‘ty for all seasons

Hand in hand- all the reasons.

Hold on through the day to day

Fighting, saving, even pray

God held firm: with Him we’ll stay

one day.

I hate going to church with my husband

Am I alone in this?

I come away from any service, any where, any time and God has spoken to me. I’m excited. I want to share. I want to discuss. I want input. All I get is Silence.


I’m excited about the Logos Word and the Rhema Word I’ve received.

My husband says, not all people chat about church after church. He says, only Maybe, Pastors, Preachers, and spouses do that……..I can’t seem to agree…..

What I maintain…..

Yes, different people live differently.

What if there was someone who lived to at least the ripe old age of 57 and only had paid employment a short number of years? What if this person was a female and had some failed marriages? What if her life could be used as an example of God’s faithfulness…? He always provides for His kids. If His kids love on Him, trust Him, talk to Him, read His Word, and exalt Him, He provides and lavishes with good.

Every good and perfect gift is from the Father of Lights. (James 1: 17)

My parents cared for me financially. My husbands did, too. There was a time when I worked for hire. I’ve never been forsaken by God, come what may.

So, for those who say I should be happy I have a husband who works 23 hours a day, 6 days a week……for financial gain, ummmmmm…..Yes, I’m financially blessed. Where’s the emotional, bonding, quality time and friendship stuff….?( especially when I’m living in a new state for the last how many months…and was seeking out friendship and girl friends…to no avail)

Disappointment poem


Once, I cooked for you

Once, I fanned the flame

Once, we wanted to impress

Now, we don’t stoke the flame.

“Don’t start” “Don’t start”, you say

Start? I’m the one who’s given up

Stay busy! Stay on the hamster wheel

Disrespect me–who needs to be real?!?

You used to go and go

It was my job to s-l-o-w

you down.  Making sure

you rested, and weren’t a blur.

We used to lavish

in each others’ company.

Didn’t matter what we were doing,

life was fun: even funny.

The adventure we were on

took us up, took us down.

We held on tight:

Love? Feelings? Commitment??– going, going, Gone?

Keep adding!–Adding just one more thing

One more person, one more event.

Only so many hours in a day

We choose how they are spent.

Bright light. Bright light!

Sundays were so sweet.

We worshiped God together

then, we went to eat.

Spiritually fed, full to the brim

We went forth together

Ever so ready to serve Him.

Tried to ignore,

in church, you would snore.

You work so hard

no wonder: you’re “tarred”. (“tired” for non country-fried folk)

Have to be this way?

What can we change?

Do we want change?



Anniversary! (12 years)

Ups and downs, what a journey!

Some stay together because they exercise bulldog tenacity. We are unique. We are claiming the stubbornness of “Granny Clampet”, of the old tv show: The Beverly Hillbillies.