What I maintain…..

Yes, different people live differently.

What if there was someone who lived to at least the ripe old age of 57 and only had paid employment a short number of years? What if this person was a female and had some failed marriages? What if her life could be used as an example of God’s faithfulness…? He always provides for His kids. If His kids love on Him, trust Him, talk to Him, read His Word, and exalt Him, He provides and lavishes with good.

Every good and perfect gift is from the Father of Lights. (James 1: 17)

My parents cared for me financially. My husbands did, too. There was a time when I worked for hire. I’ve never been forsaken by God, come what may.

So, for those who say I should be happy I have a husband who works 23 hours a day, 6 days a week……for financial gain, ummmmmm…..Yes, I’m financially blessed. Where’s the emotional, bonding, quality time and friendship stuff….?( especially when I’m living in a new state for the last how many months…and was seeking out friendship and girl friends…to no avail)

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