Satan Hates Marriage

Marriage has been under attack since Adam and Eve.

Now a days, there are many people who aren’t even bothering to get married. They have many reasons, but, a couple living like they are married when they aren’t- is sin. God really doesn’t make allowances. There will be judgement.

I was briefly trying to find the scripture where it talks about the “last days, signs of the times, and people deciding not to marry.” Couldn’t find right away…..Where is that??

Meanwhile, in the last days, before Christ’s return, there will be many signs including skepticism, greed, pride, scoffing, sexual immorality, boastfulness, hypocrisy, unforgiving, slander, abusiveness, rebelliousness, wars increasing, earthquakes increasing, increasing famines, increase of false prophets, increase of false prophecies of Jesus’ 2nd Advent and drinking parties.


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