Damn Cats!!!

Sometimes, I feel I live for my cats! Last week we flea bombed and treated again. It’s that time of year. My oldest wasn’t happy. She is all black.

I have one cat on steroids, currently, and one using an antibiotic. The one using the antibiotic against her will, is being set aside in the room with the eldest: who is all black. (and age 14) (Her name is Shadow) They don’t like this idea.

They hiss at each other. It’s been a week. I sleep in this room. They let me know they wanted Temptations treats (I call them “cookies”) at about 5 am. last night. I groggily served them and went back to bed. They have me trained?

I felt the 14 year old proceed to walk on my arm, down my leg and to the lower half of my leg. Awww, she’s showing affection. She laid her tail out over my leg. This is sweet. This is nice and warm. Precioussssssssssss….

NOT!!!  She then proceeded to pee on my leg and on the bed and pillow. What in the world?!?!?

NO, no, it gets better. I was groggy. I wasn’t awake. I couldn’t distinguish what she really had done, so I told my mind it was just warmth. I slept.

Over two hours later, I got up and smelled the pillow and bed. AGGG!!!

It had been pee! My legs!!!!!!!!  Directly on my legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emma, my antibiotic baby, is on the left

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