Our faith aint sight yet

Hangin on to God with a vengeance! Discussed with hubby: should we pay our mortgage payment or small bills??

He said small bills. I disagreed. I freaked out. I sure don’t know how long I can hold on to this particular faith aspect… God help me……


You Know Me

Article was going to be chapter 1 of next book…but…..eh…..You Know Me

Now, with my just learning much of this technological stuff, I’ve found you just click on the underlined You Know Me and 3 pages will come up, you can read.

Being a writer, I have to write. I have to write what’s on my heart. What’s on my heart is Jesus’ soon return.

Teen Suicide/Bullying

See projectlira.org

We have had a stream of teenagers in our school district kill themselves within the last year.

There’s a need for awareness and compassion. This needs to be stopped and teens, like everyone else, need to know they are not alone. Someone cares. Share, write your feelings, go out and take a walk…..