I am “Cody Man”

I am one of the brothers. Don’t laugh, you know you want to.

I am Milo’s brother. I was one of the originals out from under a trailer. I am a handsome Tuxedo, but am only letting you see my white whiskers and paw, here. I have a small white bib, a bit larger white heart, and a big white area between my back legs. I have white on all 4 paws, too.

If you read Milo’s story, that’s some of my back story pre- the mom and dad we have now. (and love) You see, when the officials came to get us four from under the trailer, we didn’t know they were going to take us to a place where we could get new parents. We were nervous and scared. I am a strong protector type, I really am, but when I saw them grabbing my siblings, I freaked out. Those humans didn’t seem very nice. They seemed in a hurry, too. Imagine that. They were there to “help us” but were in a hurry, as if they couldn’t be bothered with our feelings. My mommy is all about feelings and she asks us daily about how we feel. We love her.

These grabbing humans scared me so bad, I rebelled. In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have. They got all mean with me and cut off a portion of my left ear. They labeled me feral. (what’s feral?) When my mommy talks to me, she tells me the story, in detail. She explains thoroughly to me. I love that about mommy. She is my favorite. She seems to be alone a lot, so I lay my long 4 foot long body across her. I weigh 12 pounds and love to eat and be spoiled.

I like things quiet and peaceful. I run when I hear loud noises, since I was once traumatized. When I hear loud thunder or other noises, I get what mommy calls a “crazy” look on my face. See, if truth be told, I can make a court jester face. Yes, I’m smart enough to know what that is. When my human parents mention this, I play up the act. They say I can be quite the performer.

Daddy says I can be quite the “lug of a love”. I love to love. Love is the best. I adore being with my siblings from under the trailer. I don’t ever want to think of how my life would be without any of them. We are a package deal.

Oh! There are times mommy goes to the mailbox and Milo stays by the front door. He acts like he’s going to go outside the house. “Ha! ┬áMom, that’s just an act. We know from whence we came and would never leave our temperature controlled, 3 meals a day, comfy, loving home.”

Life is good.

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