My name AJ. My Name AJ!!

I am also known as the pesky little brother.

I am just chillin here. I don’t mind Mom’s music. I can take it or leave it.

Being a handsome tabby with a lot of white markings, Mommy says I remind her of a cat she had before. His name was Alley. (Yes, “Alley Cat”)

I have a cute pink nose. Just ask my mommy. I am adorable. I get cattitude with all my sisters, at times, and Mommy has to put me in my place. What am I to do? I got 5 sisters! Aggg.

I act like a pest, according to them. I have tamed my doing this, recently. I only do this stuff if I feel really compelled. Inevitably, one of my sisters will growl and let Mom know, and I get hollered at.

I came into the house as a baby, as did my sister: Emma. We weren’t quite 4 months old when we got our furever Mommy and Daddy. (ya know I mean forever) We roamed to woods, trailers, houses and tried to get food wherever humans were. We were two of many, Many. These caring men would sit on lounge chairs, outside their trailers, and just shake a bag of cat food. Having no real home to speak of, we knew to come running. These men had paper plates of food and about 30 of us would come running from wherever we were. They also had a big bowl of water. I sort of learned to share via having to share/get my nose in the bowl for water with many others.

I’ve been known to be a pest, not stupid.

I used to get into more trouble. I had big ears and had to grow into them. My daddy referred to me as “Yoda”. He would flatten my ears a bit and I’d make a “face”. (what’s a yoda?) I walk all over my dad and tour the house regularly.

I give equal time to Mom even though I know she’s gonna maul me. She loves on me, calls me her “Yiddle Boy” and head bumps me. She comments on my cute pink nose. I purr very loudly and love her bunches.

I have gained weight and am coming into being more mature, but will always be Mommy’s Yiddle Boy.

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