My name is Milo

I am naturally atop the ladder, because of course, I am the alpha male feline in our household of 8 felines. I am brave and daring. I am the “king”. My mom calls me: “Milo My Love”!!

My human parents got me, Miss Button, Mr. Cody, and Miss Sable when we were about 4 years old. That must have been 5 or 6 years ago. My human Mom was volunteering and was involved with adopting/fostering/rescuing cats with the Humane Society. The four of us were far away from where Mom and Dad lived, but we were special. We were found under a trailer, hovering together, keeping each other company. We were a package deal. Not everyone can take 4 cats into their home at one time. We’d been taken care of but our caretaker could not care for us any longer, had a substitute come and tend to us now and then, but that sure wasn’t good enough. We were nervous and fearful.

Protecting our human parents, I am the one who goes to the door first, I check out new bags and boxes and everything new in the house. I protect our whole household. I love my humans. I knead my parents and eventually lie down on them. Sometimes they say that can be annoying.

I’m said to be similar to someone they called “Alley”. He was apparently a kitty they had many years before me. He also liked to knead a special way (ha!) and eat spaghetti sauce. (not to mention cantaloupe)

I’m a red tabby who can tend to have allergies. I currently have many scabs on my skin, and black ear wax. My mom takes Qtips to my ear wax. I’ve been known to take steroids for my allergies. That helps me be more of the alpha male of the household. My siblings know I am the “king”. I am one of the 3 male kitties of our home.

My parents put all 8 of us in the cars and drove us 1000 miles, over a year ago. Five of us were with mom, 3 were with dad. We were in cages and cried a lot. We survived. We figure: anything our parents do to us, we must need it. (Even when they bathe us with water…..I don’t care for that much)

Here’s only a portion of the family

I have learned to call out with a long-g-g meow to communicate at times. My parents know “something is up” when I do that. We can’t entertain all the time, so we lie around. ¬†We are blessed.

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