I am gray and I am Sable

I am not a camera hog like my siblings. You can see Milo very clearly, Button may be in back of us. As you glance at my eyes, you can tell there’s knowledge and understanding there: obviously.

I too, am part Tuxedo, part Tabby. All I know is, my mommy always tells me, daily, that I am “just so beautiful”. You know, after hearing that all the time, ya start believing it.

I can tend to be a modest, mother hen type. I don’t really speak all that often. My mommy even commented, recently, when I meowed loudly. She said she had forgotten how my meow sounded. I’m ok with that. Being part of the the trailer four (see Milo’s story) I know I have a very good life. I basically have no need to meow like a mere cat.

I know my job/assignment. I make the rounds touring and checking out whatever the siblings are into. If they are merely napping, which is most of the time, I’m good. I, then, check on Mom and Dad. I love on and nap on Mom. I love on and sleep with Dad. I try to keep Susie Q in line. Button tries to pull rank on me ocaisionally, but not often. Button and I compete for title of Mother Hen of the house sometimes. I think she’s funny. I let her have her way, at times, because I’m above reproach and acting out.

Don’t get me wrong. When Mom starts to love on me and maul me like she does AJ, I let her know, I’m not a baby. I have even growled at Mom from time to time.

I am a sleek, royal, beauty that deserves/commands respect. I take care of the house. I take care of my humans. I deserve respect.

Oh, Mom says I have to tell this. When there is a storm, rain, loud noises….I look to Mom with eyes the size of dinner plates. It’s such a rarity. I get super curious and look to Mom for guidance.

Yep, me and Mom. We are the Moms and I get to sleep in Mom’s room and lounge across the bed like royalty.

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful…..   (that used to be an actual human saying: was it on tv?)

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