I am called “Shadow”. Shadow Marie, actually, thank you.

I am 15 years old and am all black. I don’t know what it means to be old.                              

I am the oldest of the feline family here. I am the “Queen” of the household and my siblings respect me.

I got my middle name from 2 humans. My mommy had a grandma (what’s a grandma?) whose name was Marie. She was her favorite grandma. They played that noisy piano together. The other human? That’s different story. You see, my mommy’s daughter (what’s a daughter?) was going to have a baby. Time went by and mommy thought her daughter should practice caring for another living thing. “No, she didn’t refer to me as a thing”.

Well, time went by and “daughter” had the baby. Her name is Emma Marie. I guess my mommy planned for daughter and baby Emma to take me to live with them. That didn’t happen. I’m probably better off. I know my mommy spoils me and puts up with my shenanigans.

I tell you I don’t know what “old” means. I lie on my favorite love seat and forget to go downstairs to litter boxes. I make stinky messes. My mommy reasons everything I do away. She tells Daddy: “Shadow’s just old.” I was Mommy’s first feline baby, out of the clan we have now. Mommy and I have a special bond. I barely tolerate anyone else in the whole world. Oh! I do tend to care for that other gal who was supposed to be my human Mommy. I do care for that brother of the gal who was supposed to be my human Mommy, too. They now call him my “uncle Brad”.

My human dad is tolerable when he speaks directly to me and feeds me. I let him share the house. Believe it or not, I try not to pee on his possessions, unless my siblings are goading me. Yes, I tend to be vengeful.

Before Mommy married Daddy, I used to take turns going outside and coming inside. I ruled the Florida neighborhood where we lived. One day, I came inside and had a painful thing on my arm. Mommy said someone had gotten my arm with a bee bee gun. (whatever that is) I have a naked scar to this day. My mommy took care of me, loved on me, spoke gently, cuddled me (yuck) and put some Neosporin (super yucky stuff) on me. That stuff tasted awful when I bathed myself, but, I felt better the next day. I knew, from then on, my mommy would always be important part of my life and we would love each other forever. (what’s forever?)

Different times mommy moved to different homes with me, and I had to adjust to being in a different place. I usually adjust easily, but, I recall one night mommy and daddy went to bed and I was in new surroundings alone with lights out. I called out loud and L-O-N-G : “Mommmmmmm”. I didn’t say meow, I knew this was serious and I had to speak human speak. I was disoriented. My mommy came to my rescue and loved on me abundantly stating I called out the human word: Mom.

Mommy never lets me live this down. She brings it up often. Daddy even refers to my calling out “Mom”. That’s what I’m known for…..oh well, I could have a worse legacy…..

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  1. You can see some lighter color on her belly. She had a time with allergies and had her tummy hair lessened. Did you know cats can actually have allergies to too many fleas?

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