Susie Q

“I am not”. “I am not a Suzie Q!” (whatever that is) You see, I have much more respect for myself than that.

My mommie thinks I’m petite and she can play with me like a doll baby. I admit I am fond of mommy. She gives me treats.

I would do just about anything for treats. I like the blue box of Temptations treats, best. Many times, Mommy has me in her bedroom with her, we watch tv together, and she gives me treats. What a life!!

I prefer when Mommy lets me sleep with her. She puts me out of her room sometimes, at night. I then, have to go find a safe place away from my siblings, where they won’t torment me for being “Mommy’s Pet”. (teacher’s pet)

As cats, go, I’m confused about my actual age. I know I’m older than the youngest of the household: they are merely 4. I know I’m not as old as “Shadow”, who is 15. Ehh….oh well…..

I actually came from being a bit of a socialite. I was carted around to nursing homes where I’d purr big for any human who would pet me. Most humans found me irresistible. One day, the nice lady took me and a big “dog” creature to a home where there were old people and I wore a leash while being carried around. I went by my proper name then: Susan B. Anthony. I’ve always known I was special and destined for greatness. Then, it happened. The human carrying me, handed me off to another human who said I was cute. I was doing my purring act, big time. Everyone in the room talked about me. I purred louder.

The human who now held me, caught direct eye contact with me, and we knew it was fate. All my special “tabbiness” let loose. I stopped my acting. This human said: “Awww”… We fell for each other. This human came to the (Hu)Mane Society where I was staying, the next day. She did paper work and took me home with her.

I love my furever home.

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