We are mere Images of Each Other

Bet you thought I was going to talk about humans and something deep…. Nope.

We are both Tuxedos

My cats….in lieu of doing an eventual book about my cats and their lives and dialogue….let me introduce Button and Emma. Emma is in the forefront and has very long hair. She is merely four years old. Button is one of the original “trailer kids” I got as a package deal of 4 kitties.

This was a photo Mommy caught of my showing little sister around. When Mommy brought Emma and her brother: AJ home, Emma and I looked at each other like we were looking in a mirror. (what’s a mirror?) We became fast friends and groom each other daily. I feel maternal about Emma.

I actually feel maternal about most of my siblings. I feel especially maternal and protective of my daddy. I walk the house with him, when he’s home. I walk as his body guard. I told Emma Dad is the best. He is!

I’ve been letting my heart open more to Mom, though. Emma is slow to do that. She just knows Mom always wants to comb, groom, flea bathe,…Emma doesn’t see Mom as fun. Mom bribes her with treats, though. I’m not a fan of treats and my love can’t be bought.

Don’t get me wrong, I know I’m overweight. I might weigh in at 13 pounds. Daddy says I’m just fine. Dad’s the best!

About me: I’ve been known to announce loudly, times for meals. I am the spokesperson. I have an internal clock and a loud voice. I project!

Oh. When Mommy tries to project, sing, play that blasted piano…..I run. I have super sensitive ears and don’t prefer Mommy’s voice. I love Daddy’s voice.

I sleep with Daddy. He gets home late. I try to “mother” him.

Emma is shy about opening up today. I’ll speak for her. Being her mirror image/sister, I can tell you she is a daddy’s girl too. She sleeps with Daddy. She stands up on her hind legs (almost like a human) and grabs daddy’s hand/arm. She has fluffy, furry hands that are comical to watch as they grab Dad. Emma is a Hemingway and has extra fingers. When I say it’s comical to watch all of that hand grabbing for Dad, it really is. She’s a riot. She also likes to spend most of her time out on the catio. (enclosed patio for cats) She only likes to share her time VERY selectively.

Little sisters….eh….what are ya gonna do?!?

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