In Light of Eternity

My mother used to refer to everything “in light of eternity, what does it really matter after all?” up near her death.

I understood she meant, in light of thinking of eternity, what does it really matter if I paint my kitchen mocha or red and gray? (For example)

Some would say, “don’t sweat the small stuff”. (nor some of the even bigger stuff) Be eternity minded. If you know your neighbor doesn’t believe in God, testify, walk the walk, speak, love, pray for….. Eternity matters. We are all going to spend it somewhere.

I know some people who completely stress about things to the  point of tummy aches. Basically, being such control freaks/perfectionists, they are getting sick deciding things like “should I hang that picture there or put a floral arrangement there?” In light of eternity, how bout leaving the wall blank and calling/going to see someone you know who is hurting and lonely? Internet and cell phones have made things too easy to not comfort or communicate. My opinion: Suicide should be obsolete.

Pastor Joseph Prince has a new book out called “Living the Let Go Life”. He promotes less stressing, trusting God and seeking God and His kingdom first-then all these things (and more) shall be added to you.” (Matthew 6:33) Newsflash: God loves you and knows you need to eat, have clothes on your body and to pay your bills. He’s a loving Daddy. He says love your neighbor as yourself.  Pick up the Bible, dust it off and read all of Mark 12.

As I’m recovering from my recent surgery, I realize I can only do so much. I can’t go out as much. I’m limited. I can stay home and read the Bible and watch a lot of Christian television, asking God to imprint on my heart what He wants me to know for my life. I look around and am thankful for my humble home. I’m thankful we have a cattery and all these cats just love us so unconditionally: even if we have cat hair everywhere. I’m thankful God blessed us with another place (home)that doesn’t have any animals and we can decorate it and have as a refuge/respite place. God knew our loving hearts and that we are so generous, we’d have our entire home as a zoo or shelter if we could. God knew and knows us. We know Him. He knew He’d be adding things to us, as we are responsible with a few things, He’d give more. (Luke 16: 10) “He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much.”

Quit trying to chase after your own tails…..(my verbage) Quit chasing the biggest, best, newest, prettiest and being overly concerned the house isn’t perfect. (or the kids aren’t perfect, the hair isn’t perfect, the appearance of outward possessions isn’t impressive enough…..) Look! If you have 4 plain walls, a roof over your head, some food, a place to gather with other believers similar to yourself (so you can encourage one another) and some clothes you are better off than many in the world. Grateful??? Live like it.

I know someone who has so much stuff, they are in a tizzy and are getting ulcers because they don’t know where to stuff all their stuff. Umm….ease your ulcer burden and think of your fellow man, lend him a helping hand- put a little love in your heart…. (old song by Jackie Deshannon)

Don’t rush out and purchase up your credit card because the blouse you had on got baby upchuck on it, and it won’t wash out. In light of eternity, wear it proudly as you have tried to wash it normally–nothing excess. That’s a memory you are wearing. That’s a forever gift from your grandbaby, or a baby in the nursery. The stories you tell of that stain can change someone else’s life, perhaps. They can be affected for eternity.

Try not to stress. Live the Let Go Life, letting God be in charge. “God, if You want me to live today, do this today, ….. You are going to see to it”…. “I trust You.” “I give my fibromialgia to You. I give my eating to You. I give my getting enough liquids to moisten all my joints and to not have muscle cramps, to You. I give my depression to You…..I don’t want it. I live in Divine health because of You. I thank You and trust You, God. You are my Father and You love me. I love You and put my all in Your hands. Use me for Your glory……..less of me, more of You……in Jesus’ name………”

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