Bah Humbug

(Some transparent disclosure)

We usually have people over and do a bunch of cooking and cleaning for holiday meals. Do you??

In order to accomplish this, I spend weeks worrying and stressing. I know, as a Christian I shouldn’t. My husband does heavy duty cleaning. Praise God. We have to do extra preparations because of the 8 cats. My husband has been focusing on remodeling our basement. He’s had his son here some and his 13 year old grandson here- interrupting my peaceful solitude and comfort. (I am set in my ways) I saw my husband procrastinating and trying to fit all details in: in the last 36 hours. He has also been working overtime at his paying job.

I knew my sleep would be interrupted the night prior to the “gathering”. So, I’d already be super tired. This happens repeatedly: I know the drill. If I had to do this-as we have done the last 12 years+ I’d like to have had folks here early and then I could change into my nightgown and be done trying to impress by 7 pm. The 4 o’clock gathering became 5 and some didn’t show up till 7. They ended up gone by 10:30 pm, by the way.

With my health, stress, feeling of being ignored, etc…. I went away the night prior to the big gathering. I spent the night at a lovely motel: alone. I had no husband who says he has “trouble understanding me”, no cats and messes, no dishes…… Smile!  I didn’t want to come home, but couldn’t afford a second motel night: besides, it’s MY house, right?

I took my favorite cat, went to my room, shut the door and determined to not socialize. I do have that right, correct? Apparently not. People, all ages, kept trying to disturb and enter my room. What is wrong with people? I obviously wanted to be alone. My health wasn’t great. My emotions were a mess. My house wasn’t perfect and my husband hasn’t even worked on the remodel needs of my bedroom. Am I his priority?

Love and family–

Bah Humbug!

God is love? He hasn’t answered my big ongoing prayer; in fact, my son broke my heart yet again, in the last 5 months. I also, miss my daughter and grand-daughters who are 1000 miles away. I don’t have a real “bond” with my husband’s family- or kids. I could be a million other places. I wish I were. God supplies all my Needs?  Uh, well, yes.

Empowerment and peace?

Nope. I need a Godly faith boost. Being the new year is almost here, I’m hearing preachers speaking of renewal and “break through”. I am reminded of my youth when I heard people say things like: “I stayed at the altar till I got my breakthrough. The pastor had to keep the church open, because I was beseeching God for 4 hours.”

I plan to join Pastor Jentezen Franklin in a Breakthrough fast the days he has designated. I’m going to go to God sincerely and I won’t let go of the hem of Jesus’ garment till He answers. This may be a challenge for me. (in the flesh) Admittedly, God is laying the groundwork for this time I’ll have designated to, and for Him. I thank Him for that.

To Doctor or Not to Doctor

That is the question.

We seek “good”

If you are like me, you’ll take over the counter medicines, drink herbal tea, push vitamins and supplements, and who knows what all before giving in to calling the doctor. Once you make the call, you’ve admitted you’ve tried all you can think of, to do, to get well. The doctor’s office may or may not be able to see you on this day you’ve made the call. They tell you an appointment time and you agree. Since you’re not feeling good, you now contemplate getting presentable and going to the doctor’s office.

In some countries, they don’t have the luxury of picking up a phone, calling a doctor, trusting the doctor will know what to do to make them feel better, showering with clean water, choosing one of many outfits in the closet, and getting into a car that runs well. Some people in America aren’t blessed with every one of those luxuries, either.

I thank God I am blessed.

So, I make my way to the doctor. I sign in and await my turn. I have faith the doctor will diagnose my symptoms and send me home with a prescription that will help me.

That’s what happened. The doctor decided I had an infection and sent me off to get antibiotics. If you’ve been lucky enough to have seen the movie: “Mrs. Doubtfire”, with Robin Williams in it, you will understand what I mean when I say: Help Is On The Way! (Yay) Robin Williams’ character shouted this in the movie. It was a great comedy. With help on the way, I know I will be on the mend. I let go of my burden of trying to self medicate. I gave this burden to someone else. The responsibility has been lifted from me.

We who are Christians, release the grip of our lives to Christ. We know God will “supply all our needs according to His riches in glory”. (see Phillipians 4: 19) We have to be able to relinquish control to the One Who has our best interest in mind. We talk to God, saying: “I give You my all. Take me. Use me. Guide me. I want Your perfect will. I trust You with my life, finances, decisions, marriage, children, future,….all are in Your capable hands. Help me as I strive to not lean on my own understanding. Help me acknowledge You in all my ways as You direct my path. Thank You, Father.”

Jesus is my peace. (see Ephesians 2: 14) Is He yours?

Share Your Prayer Requests

God didn’t put us on the earth alone. He wants us to share, not just drown, in our prayer requests.Sometimes,

the mere sharing your need with someone else, gets the idea/pain off your shoulders and out of your head. 1 Thessalonians 5: 11 says: “Wherefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also ye do”.

The monotony of the mundane that we live daily, is lightened and interrupted when someone reaches out one way or another, and asks you to pray for them. (For their sickness, relatives, finances, protection…) If you are like me, you are going along in your day, imagining the similar things ya do, daily, when, like a deer in the headlights: Someone wants me to do something for them as simple as pray. Halt!

I stop thinking about me, Me, ME and throw a sincere prayer up to God Almighty. I am lifted out of my world and my needs and wants. I’m sincerely concerned for this other person’s need and desire God to intervene: in Jesus’ name. I trust that He will and thank Him in advance.

It’s amazing how the other person was aided and I was uplifted out of myself. I feel good! I’m smiling. The sun is shining brighter and God is pleased. James 5: 16 says: “Confess your faults to one another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much”.

 Who know??!?

You may even feel you are lighter than air…..