The latest book I have been reading and “digesting”. It’s very informative and inspiring. I’ve been reading this while intermittently listening to my Wonder Bible

Aging Really isn’t for Sissies

Being at an interesting threshold of life, I find myself going to the doctor more often. This is not anyone’s favorite thing to do. It seems, since I had the lapband removed five months ago, I, now, have to take not one, but 2 antacids daily just to maintain.I was sure all the tummy pains and other distasteful symptoms were something worse than a diagnosis that merely requires multiple antacids. (Shucks, it would have been more dramatic and my reactions to all my pains could have been better justified)

Yes! I have more joint pains than I did five months ago. This is definitely not nice. In addition, the state where we live has doctors asking a phrase I’ve never been asked. They ask if I’m “postmenopausal”. Being 2018, I’ve read more, heard more on television, and seen commercials that make me ask myself this question, and ask myself the definition of postmenopausal. Well, I certainly am. Now, I wonder about the doctors who ask me. They can see my written age and birth-date in front of them. They can see the bits of small gray stripes in my hair, right? How about this clue? I’m taking high blood pressure pills, anti-joint pain pills, and more than one antacid daily.

This development has only happened in the last five months. My body is rebelling. I’m upset about it. This frustrates me in all areas of my life. (my poor hubby)

I’m caught between wanting to investigate more into fasting as a health AND a Spiritual practice, merely doing it as a health practice (which would be awfully difficult with my “healthy big eater” of a husband in the house, and just contending with pills and more pills from the doctor.

Somehow, I’m thinking this will be more of a one day at a time adventure. This will assure some days being worse than others. I’m reminded of the term: “Hang on! This is going to be a bumpy ride!”

Oh!! In the journey of knife, spoon and fork, there is a twist: my preacher has asked me to do some cooking every week at church for 30 to 50 people. This promises to be quite the ministry. It will take God, Himself, to help me as I create menus and cook while battling stomach problems, and health issues because of food. I must continue to remind myself of the Psalm 121:1 “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help” and God, You Alone, literally “lift my head” as stated in Psalm 3:3.