The latest book I have been reading and “digesting”. It’s very informative and inspiring. I’ve been reading this while intermittently listening to my Wonder Bible

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Grandma of 14, believer in The One True God, Jesus is my Lord and Savior. I can be found on Twitter as Lori Church, tho I don't check in with Twitter much. I write scriptures, events in my life/world as they pertain to God's purpose, and vent feelings (and thoughts) Ring in with your uplifting comments, please

One thought on “Fasting”

  1. I’ve been talking to God about how He made me a relatively short person with small bones. I saw what kind of weight drop I had after a mere 3 day fast. With weight loss, I could have more energy (I hope) less joint pain, and be the size God would have me be to better serve Him…….. Hmmmm

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