Current Catch Phrase in Churches

Have you heard people in church, from the pulpits, say, “Thanks for doing life with us”?

Doing life with us….Let me think about that. It seems very honorable. It seems like something Jesus did.

Yes, I hear people in church ask for prayer for healing, sickness concerning loved ones, traveling mercies and more: BUT what about real down to the nitty gritty life stuff?

As I am reading Perry Stone, Jr.’s book: “Feeding Demons”, I relate to the fact that there are spirits of, well many things, in today’s church. Being that my mother taught me pride and shame, I’m saddened that hurting people can’t go to church and tell their “church family” they are hurting. Don’t get me wrong, I have heard some people who never have positivity and always have pitiful things going on in their lives. They share this so often, we almost hate to see them approach us. Isn’t God ever doing Anything good in your life?(you want to ask) You are here, standing and speaking to me right now. That’s something to be grateful to God for.

The spirit of pride will keep a “church family member” from sharing their heart to a listening ear at church. Even if they do share a bit, the response can be a pitiful look and the words “I’ll pray for you”. But as soon as the listener leaves the hurting soul’s presence, they forget to pray and are happy to be away from the negative words. I must confess I do know some true Christians who will take the time and pray right then and there with the hurting person. Thank God for them.

One instance I can think of, a lady who was married more than 3 times in her life. Her current marriage is difficult for her right now because of some hard to manage differences she and her husband have. Now, she attends church with her smile on her face. She sings and goes through the motions. God speaks to her in the message and she gets fed. She goes to her car and questions God as per the message she just learned from, and her circumstances. She’s not able to do life with her fellow church members because the ones she is friendly with are just “Hi! How ya doin'” folk. They don’t want to really hear how she’s doing. They probably have troubles of their own. They don’t have time for her when she invites them to coffee or to her picnic type events.

Are we all so busy? Do we really not care about others? Do we really have spirits of shame, pride, envy, sloth and whatever else? These spirits don’t mind attending church, ya know. Ephesians 6: 12 reminds us “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Let’s take a moment and pray for the ones who are combating the spirits of strife in marriage. Let’s take Authority over these spirits in Jesus’ name and let’s make a point to try to do better at “sharing life together”.

God is love. He wants us to share ourselves…….

Shout out to Evangelist Perry Stone

He reminds us that we shout to the Lord with praise. There are other kinds of shouts in God’s presence too. We can shout for joy. We can shout for Victory. We can shout as a battle cry. We can shout as a cry out loud.

“Victory has a big mouth”. Death is swallowed up in victory. We are overcomers by the word of our testimony. Death, where is thy sting? (1 Corinthians 15: 55)

Pastor Stone dissected the meanings behind shouting and dancing in praise. He explored the difference between praise and worship, in great detail. I really appreciated this.

I’m a bit reserved in church. When instructed to “give a shout to the Lord”, I do give a big “Whewwww!” (which is more than some do, and less than some)  BUT, I realized, today as I was shouting a big “Hey!” to the cats, I was declaring to them to behave.

We can liken this to shouting for Victory and against the Enemy of our souls. “Hey! The victory has been won. You have to leave me alone! I resist you in the name of Jesus and with the power of His blood.”   Graceful and feminine though I am….I will shout before the Lord (in His sanctuary) more often……….

1Day Life With…

One day I’ll have a life with my wife

One day I won’t have to work ALL the time

One day, our lives will be our own

One day, our days, we won’t have to groan.

Business to tend to, money to earn—all the money- we just seem to burn

Curtail our spending, enrich our home–Gee, we hope we get this loan.

Messes everywhere- junk to straighten, animals to tend to—-Boy! She’s a hatin’.

Tensions high-seems nothings getting done, the more I work, the more I run.

Running, working, collapsing, sleeping– all the while our house she’s keeping

She makes the house a “home” I say, but in her solitude, she wonders why to stay:

where she knows she doesn’t want to be, she desires warmth and more sanitar-y.If she’s going to be alone either way, why to stay? Why to stay??

Not as young as I used to was, I wear myself out and can’t do more in the “home”.

HOME? She says she feels like it’s the pumpkin shell, where I keep her very well.

Used to say “Time will tell, time will tell, God is good, all is well…..”

Got a little counsel, couldn’t put it fully into play.

Others tear at my time and we don’t have time to sit and pray,……together as One.

Things to be done, gotta learn the new job, gotta train the fellas for the lawns and the odd job and….never done

Downsize she says. Simplify she says. I don’t have the time or energy to sort and make the house a Good Housekeeping page….bills to pay, money is my lure.

We married and I told her I work a lot. She heard “things we gotta get got”.

No! We are curtailing now, but my nose is still at the plow.

Warm, sunny,  is where she wants to be, to start a life– with a community.

Pool, Bingo, Book Club, socials, and more, only a few steps from her door.

Her little, quaint place with not a pillow out of place. Simple, mostly alone as she’s always been.

Oh! But don’t tell my folks! They always did make the jokes….about her wanting to be where it’s warm. They had concern when I said I was transporting her to the Northern harm.

They know of her discontent. They know I’m a great guy and am the best “catch” she’ll ever have met.

They get indignant with her desire to keep out of the cold. Fifty degrees isn’t a mess to contend with: her body is just old.

Wait!! She and I understand each other. Life without her would be such a bother.

Maybe I should get some energy drinks and go 24/7.

Maybe the purchase of the campsite to increase our bills wasn’t such a good idea….hopefully, the family (I got it for the whole family) will purchase it from me and take over the bills.

What am I saying: the entire family has money ills.

I have decisions to make.Sell everything and start life again where she wants to be(I get so over-heated there, I believe I’ll be ill), file bankruptcy, downsize/clean the clutter, promise to do better, make time for taking walks together…..

Oh! If I slow down and our money is under control, I won’t have to go 90 miles a minute and I may not over-heat. I can take off my man bra and be cooler, too. I can just let my hair down and live easy. Perhaps we can go fishing.

Retirement would be ideal, but that’s a few years away. My body sure would like to retire, though……

Dear God, I pray, Dear Lord,….You know my heart and Ohhhhhhhh

Guide me, lead me, help me…… future, You know.

You put the wife and me together, she has her health and desires…….are we gonna be put asunder??

Help……… In Jesus’ name….