Current Catch Phrase in Churches

Have you heard people in church, from the pulpits, say, “Thanks for doing life with us”?

Doing life with us….Let me think about that. It seems very honorable. It seems like something Jesus did.

Yes, I hear people in church ask for prayer for healing, sickness concerning loved ones, traveling mercies and more: BUT what about real down to the nitty gritty life stuff?

As I am reading Perry Stone, Jr.’s book: “Feeding Demons”, I relate to the fact that there are spirits of, well many things, in today’s church. Being that my mother taught me pride and shame, I’m saddened that hurting people can’t go to church and tell their “church family” they are hurting. Don’t get me wrong, I have heard some people who never have positivity and always have pitiful things going on in their lives. They share this so often, we almost hate to see them approach us. Isn’t God ever doing Anything good in your life?(you want to ask) You are here, standing and speaking to me right now. That’s something to be grateful to God for.

The spirit of pride will keep a “church family member” from sharing their heart to a listening ear at church. Even if they do share a bit, the response can be a pitiful look and the words “I’ll pray for you”. But as soon as the listener leaves the hurting soul’s presence, they forget to pray and are happy to be away from the negative words. I must confess I do know some true Christians who will take the time and pray right then and there with the hurting person. Thank God for them.

One instance I can think of, a lady who was married more than 3 times in her life. Her current marriage is difficult for her right now because of some hard to manage differences she and her husband have. Now, she attends church with her smile on her face. She sings and goes through the motions. God speaks to her in the message and she gets fed. She goes to her car and questions God as per the message she just learned from, and her circumstances. She’s not able to do life with her fellow church members because the ones she is friendly with are just “Hi! How ya doin'” folk. They don’t want to really hear how she’s doing. They probably have troubles of their own. They don’t have time for her when she invites them to coffee or to her picnic type events.

Are we all so busy? Do we really not care about others? Do we really have spirits of shame, pride, envy, sloth and whatever else? These spirits don’t mind attending church, ya know. Ephesians 6: 12 reminds us “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Let’s take a moment and pray for the ones who are combating the spirits of strife in marriage. Let’s take Authority over these spirits in Jesus’ name and let’s make a point to try to do better at “sharing life together”.

God is love. He wants us to share ourselves…….

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