Sometimes I Just Can’t Believe It

Let me begin by saying God is love. Everything I write is based on my love for God, but, I am living in a real, sinful world.

That being said, there are some recent writings that I am thrilled with. There are some I’m confused about and can’t believe folks are still not getting that sin is sin.

I’ll start by saying that my blog posts can be found via author page: Lori Church. I’ve seen some comments that want to know where else I can be found. I can be found on Facebook via sanity in the waiting page and more. I am happy to say, I am seeing positive comments on this blog. Thank you!

I saw where this blog site is a 71 on woorank. Woorank is a site that sort of grades blogs and such, I believe. My response, is as always: WOW!

Now, the difficult stuff. I was almost bowled over when I read a post on a Christian based page on Facebook, where the person asked the world what they thought of living together outside of marriage. I’m sure the responses were immediate, with the negativity and scriptures. After seeing many responses, the writer of the post added that they didn’t say they were engaging in fornication. So, if I understand this, there’s a Christian person, writing to Facebook about moving in with the opposite sex, on a Christian persons’ page, asking where and if God says anything about living together.Well, God made humans to be sexual creatures. If not already, the situation where the couple is going to, or is living together, will be tempted to sin. Agree??

Marriage and relationships can be difficult. There’s no need to add difficulty like temptation, fighting over temptation, or, when things are just messy: having tensions rise. When there is tension, even the cap being left off the toothpaste will bring about arguments, yelling and who knows what else. The Apostle Paul knew this stuff and wrote to have folks just try to avoid all this mess at all cost. 1 Corinthians 7: 8 and 9 say: “I say therefore to the unmarried and widows, it is good for them if they abide even as I. But if they cannot contain, let them marry than to burn”.

I mentioned this verse to the person on Facebook. I added “than to burn in hell forever”. That is what Paul meant.

Boy! You would have thought….I don’t know what. I got a response from that person, that said they, in no way thought they would burn forever…. that that was ridiculous. Ummmm…..are people still reading the Bible? Are they asking God the meanings of what they read???? I know 2018 is a sinful time and in the end times people will not be given to marriage and so on…..BUT…..

Thou shalt have no other gods before Me

Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image

Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord in vain

Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it Holy

Honor thy father and mother

Thou shalt not kill

Thou shalt not commit adultery

Thou shalt not steal

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor

Thou shalt not covet

These commandments still stand today.  Believe it!!!

“Life is like a box of Chocolates”

As per the line in the movie : “Forest Gump.

When I have those moments when nothing else will do, this is the size box of chocolates I desire!

I recently went to a museum where they had a “Chocolate Experience”. They told of the origins of the cacao tree and how the sweet, milk chocolate we love to eat, started as a bitter powder from a seed. There was much hard work put into harvesting, processing and the discovery that if you added milk (later added sugar) to the powder, you could have that delicious bar of chocolate to enjoy. (think Nestle and Cadbury brands)

Time was involved. Years of discovery and different peoples developed the finished product. Processing and hard labor took place, but now we can have the joy of chocolate on our tongues.

I, too, am a work in progress.

Christians are constantly being molded and conformed (developed) by God. I thank Him because “He that began a good work in me, will be faithful to complete it….unto the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1: 6.


Fourteen thousand dollars!

Yes, we are going to get that much money in less than 5 days. I have spent the money in my head several times. I’ve imagined how I’d move to the state I love to live in.  Since I love to write and make lists, I’ve listed and calculated how the monthly bills would be and every detail. I’ve imagined my new life with the sense of community I lack and desperately seek. I’ve prayed. I’ve sought God. I’ve talked to God about my hubby’s part in all this plan of mine. I’ve lost sleep…. Get the picture?!?!?

Alas, don’t you know what reality will be, though? I, the submissive wife, will submit. Before, when there was talk of a 5 year plan, that seemed unbelievably hard to fathom. Now, there’s a more simple 1 year plan. We will strive to turn the 14,000 into 70,000 in a year: then the move South will come.

A more “simple plan”?  There are approximately 330 days till “plan” can take effect. What can I do to make time speed by??

I’m reminded of the song by the group Lincoln Park. (remember them?) “In The End” had lyrics like “I’ve tried so hard and come so far, but in the end, it doesn’t even matter. I had to fall to lose it all, but in the end, it doesn’t even matter.” The lead singer of these lyrics ended up killing himself.

What’s it matter? I’ll keep my anonymous blog and I’ll hang in there 330 days. Perhaps I’ll get more involved in church. For a while, there was a thought I’d get a paying job. I’ve applied some places, but seems I’m hard to hire.Soften the days?????????

“Fill the days, oh God”…………….