Things they are a-changin’

I realize I haven’t written for a while.

For so long, I was consumed with moving back to Florida, I was lost. Yes, I let me go. I let my health go, my weight go, my feelings go. I became a sort of numb.

The opportunity presented itself for me to take back my health. I’m taking back my peace, also. I’ll one day be able to cross my legs like this again. I’m not so consumed with Florida. This is a miracle. God is good.

So, I started a healthier eating decision. I’ll take my health back. I’ll feel better physically and emotionally. I have many mini goals, so I’m looking forward to my journey. I Have Something To Look Forward To. Yay!!!

I’m viewing this realistically. I’m approximating nine months to a better me. Nine months? Yes, this is as unto a pregnancy. That’s how I’m looking at it.

Get ready world, you are going to be seeing less of me: literally. Ha!

With my support team in place, I’ll not pout about the move from one state to the next so much. My focus is on getting rid of the tummy pains I’ve had, some bleeding I’ve had, and more. These vegetable/vitamin enriched foods, that are lean and green, are going to help me with my arthritis, also. I can’t wait till people start to notice and ask, “Have you lost weight?”  BIG Smile.

I am reminded I can do all things through Jesus Christ, Who strengthens me. Thank You, Jesus.

Are you interested in starting a health regime? Want to do this with me?? Let me know………..