Abba Father

Yes. God is my Father in a personal sense of the word. He’s my “daddy”, if you will. He’s enabled me to lose 11 pounds in 3 weeks, so far. (Yay!) He’s enabled me to travel, continue with life, have children, watch my children grow and have their own children, He’s let me see babies born and older folks pass away to heaven. He’s held me through divorces, depressions, illnesses, loneliness and much more. He’s let me experience being a published author and has always tended to my finances. I’m a well cared for child of God who can climb up in my heavenly Father’s lap and abide in His arms.(This is “perfect” Barbie going to her 45th class reunion. She’s changed. God is going to let me go to my 40th High School class reunion: “Thank You Father.”)

He gives me Spiritual gifts such as discernment while also giving me messages from pulpits. (or choir lofts) He makes sure I hear exactly what I need to hear from Him, when I need it because He has always cared for me. Always. Psalm 139:13 says: “For You created my inmost being: You knit me together in my mother’s womb.” (NIV)

Even before I was born, God knew I’d be set apart for Him. I would write for His glory. I’d be married to the man I’m married to now. He knew I’d thank God for my husband and I would learn as I go with him.

When I was young, I always played Barbie dolls for hours on end. I always thought the epitome of life, for me, would be to fall in love and get married. I asked God for a Godly husband. He gave me one. See Matthew 7: 9. (“Which of you, if your son asks you for bread, will give him a stone?”)

I’m still asking and waitingand God has heard and will answer.!!!!!!!!!!

God has more for me, even though this aging body isn’t as agile as it once was. He loves me.

He loves you. He will love you forever and ever. Do you trust Him?

Do you love Him?

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Grandma of 14, believer in The One True God, Jesus is my Lord and Savior. I can be found on Twitter as Lori Church, tho I don't check in with Twitter much. I write scriptures, events in my life/world as they pertain to God's purpose, and vent feelings (and thoughts) Ring in with your uplifting comments, please

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