Temptation A, Temptation B

Sometimes, I just can’t believe how we succumb to the same old temptations, repeatedly. Keep in mind, what tempts me, may not tempt you. What tempts you, may not tempt me.

I’m not necessarily talking about obvious temptations that lead to sin, but subtle temptations. Some may be tempted to rely more on their own efforts to provide for themselves. They claim God has given them abilities to work multiple jobs for income, at one time. That, in itself, isn’t a negative thing. If it takes quality time away from God or the spouse/family: it could help open some unwanted “doors”. I don’t mean literal doors, but that is a possibility also. What if we consider the spouse who is on the sidelines watching spouse become more and more tired, increasing in health issues? The watchful spouse sighs while “working -multiple- jobs- for -income” rises to leave again and again.

The Enemy of our souls knows the right temptations. He seems to know the right moments to bring them around too. Perhaps, this is merely my personal perception, but I have seen some of the Enemy’s tactics and am determined not to fall prey to temptations: even if they appear harmless.

Guard my heart, mind, and tongue-Father God. Help me to truly mean it when I say, “I have learned to be content whatever state (condition/circumstance) I am in” as Paul says in Philippians 4:11.

No Nikes

To those of you who are trying to sell or advertise shoes and hats, …. on my Christ-based blog site, please discontinue and refrain from doing this.

When I go to read sincere comments, I don’t need to see ads for shoes and more.

Thank you.